me & bloom

I’m so tired.

I keep trying to comment on blogs and accidentally clicking the “cancel” button instead of the “post” button, and when I realize what I’ve done, I’m too fatigued to recreate it.

I don’t usually have dreams about celebrities or movies or anything like that, but last night I had a dream that my good friend Orlando Bloom and I were exploring a sunken pirate ship in present day. In that bizarrely inexplicable fashion unique to dreams, we were underwater, breathing just fine and not all that wet. I actually did rue my choice of attire for the expedition, though – a jean skirt, flip flops and a black tank top. Mainly because that’s what I had planned to wear to my parents’ anniversary party later in the dream and the crud on the sunken ship was getting it dirty.

I’m sorry to report that my good friend Orlando and I did not get it on in the dream, although he complimented my outfit and I was secretly attracted to him even though we were “just good friends.”

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  1. I have dreams about Orlando Bloom. We were water, all wet. …a skirt, tank top, getting dirty.
    I'm not sorry, Orlando and I did get it on; secretly meeting – way too long, as usual, and covered fifty “topics”. I asked for “software” I'd seen in use on a trip – (he was) impressed. Before (he) could stop, (he)came a-flyin'. I'm too fatigued to recreate it.

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