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Whew! Sorry ’bout the last entry. I got sick and then I took a nap. I feel much better now!

So back to last night. We went to Abbott’s, some big dude in overalls and a do-rag bought us drinks, after our second beer there we decided to leave and the do-rag dude and the karaoke owner FOLLOWED US OUTSIDE saying they’d keep buying us drinks if we’d stay. Tempting prospect, to be sure (who doesn’t like free drinks?) but we didn’t really want to stick around there. So we left and headed to the main part of our evening-

Blueberry Hill.

You know, it really wasn’t very skanky. They didn’t charge us a cover, which was cool. At first we were kind of nervous there because it was still early, there weren’t many people, and the DJ was playing some really crappy tunes, none of which I can even remember now. But as the night went on we started having more fun. I’m sure all the beers helped.

We had a couple and got ready to leave and some guy with HUGE EARS coaxed Suzanne back into the bar to buy her a drink. Heather went along and he bought HER a drink too, because it was her birthday, but I was sitting out in the damn lobby waiting for them because I thought we were leaving. Eventually I went back in and sat with them at the bar and the dude wouldn’t buy me a drink because, I don’t know, possibly because I made fun of his giant ears. That could be it.

So I was sitting there being kind of stupid and the guy on my left asked if I was okay and I said I was, and we started talking and it turned out that he was the bartender’s boyfriend. His name was Jeff and we found out at the end of the night that he was also the bouncer, but we hung out with him and he totally kicks ass. Midge the bartender was his girlfriend and she was also supercool. She told us about her tattoos (the one on her ass hurt the most, she said) and she bought me a beer when Giant-Ear Dude continued to be a dick. She moved here from West Virginia about a year ago and loves bartending and thinks the crowd at BH is really great.

Which is true. If you’re trendy (i.e. if Corned Beef is your favorite bar) then this is probably not the place to go. But we really had such a good time. The crowd there is a bit older overall, although we weren’t the only young people there, and there were some couples. All the people we talked to were really friendly (with the exception of G-E D). Exceptionally friendly, and this was most cool with the women. Usually when I’m out drinking the women I see are really catty and talk only to the crew they came with, etc. but every time we went to the bathroom we talked to the other women in there, and we met some random cool chicks and danced with them for awhile, and they actually invited us to their house after closing time but we didn’t go. Midge and Jeff and crew also invited us to meet them later at the pancake house place to hang out and we did go there, but we got there too early and were getting too tired to hang around long.

Bizarro points of the evening:

-I LOST MY LIP GLOSS, dammit. I’m really mad about that. It was nice pinkish Maybelline gloss and I got it on sale.

-There was a woman who was at least in her 50s tearing up the dance floor. She was awesome. She was grinding to the Baby Got Back song (what’s it called, Rump Shaker? I can’t remember.).

-We drunk-dialed Frank from the car. Poor guy, he’s so patient. He insisted on talking to our DD to make sure he was sober. Aww.

-This guy came up to us in the bar and asked us to read his poetry, and we did, and I honestly can’t remember any of it but Jeff slipped Suzanne a 20 and told her to buy some of it. Apparently this poetry is the guy’s only income. But it was still weird trying to read tiny books of poetry under a blacklight when you’re smashed.

-We stopped at a gas station to get some water and Gatorade and I really had to pee for like the hundredth time but the restroom was out of order, but the totally cool gas station chick with the cool dreads let me go in there anyway. I can’t remember what she said to me but she thought I was funny.

-I didn’t want to stay at the hotel so I called my house and told Ginny to come and get me. She came and so did my dad, which was pretty funny in retrospect because he’s never seen me as drunk as I was last night, which was literally falling-down drunk. This morning when I got up he was like “hey, Repeat” because I guess I told him the same stories over and over again on the way home.

Anyway. The point, I suppose, is that Blueberry Hill turned out to be a pretty cool place despite its location and reputation. The people kicked ass, so I’d go there again some time.

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