Friday Random Ten

I’m going to do the Friday Random Ten today because I’m sick of looking at the South Bitch post. For the record, I’m feeling a little better and I’ve lost four pounds, but I still want a cupcake. One thing holding me back from that cupcake is that I do not know where to find it. Where do you go to get a single cupcake?

I am eating Cool Whip Free out of the tub at times. I told someone today that it was Phase 1 approved, and now that I think about it, I’m not sure that’s true. It does in fact have the South Beach logo printed right on the tub, though, so I know it’s okay at some time. And it has like nothing in it (no calories, no carbs, no fat, nothing) so I decided it’s okay. It tastes awesome and I think it’s made of rainbows and unicorns.

Anyway. Here’s what came up on iTunes today:

  1. “X&Y” – Coldplay
  2. “The Union Forever” – The White Stripes
  3. “I Get A Kick Out Of You” – Jamie Cullum
  4. “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” – Rose Murphy
  5. “Vertigo” – U2
  6. “Train In Vain (Stand By Me)” – The Clash
  7. “Someday” – Flipsyde
  8. “Brand New Colony” – The Postal Service
  9. “Cold Wind” – The Arcade Fire
  10. “Trip Through Your Wires” – U2

I actually really don’t like “Trip Through Your Wires,” so I skipped right past it and thought I’d mention that the next song up was “Why,” by Annie Lennox, which is one of my favorite songs in the world. Hurray.

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  1. The third day was hardest for me too, because I felt soooooo tired, and my butt felt like it was falling off. After two weeks, I looked back there and found out it had. Stay strong, our favorite blogger.

  2. Lorrie, you’re not my favorite blogger. You know, just so we’re clear.

    Also, it’s kinda more fun when you’re not strong. If you should somehow tap previously undiscovered reserves of strength you’ll have to retell stories of your tarnished past like the drunk in the shower scene. This is the United States of America – it’s when one is at one’s lowest that crowd appreciation reaches its tendermost spires in rarified air.

    Now, here’s a cupcake.

  3. 6 and 8 are two of the best songs ever. also, i came to the clash super late–last year, like the kinks.

    and that also might be the only annie lennox song i like. and it’s great.

    my freshman year roomie had his CD alarm clock set to walkin on broken glass. almost all year. i serious wanted to stab him every day before his ANAL PERF class.

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