the layers survey thing

Look, I’m doing a survey. Next thing you know I’ll be posting entire entries of song lyrics.


— Name: Lorie

— Birth date: February 18

— Birthplace: Ceiba, Puerto Rico

— Current Location: Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA

— Eye Color: Hazel

— Hair Color: Golden brown

— Height: 5’4″

— Righty or Lefty: Lefty

— Zodiac Sign: Aquarius/Pisces cusp



— Your heritage: I honestly am not sure. My last name is German, but we can’t trace ourselves over the ocean. Mutt of some kind.

— The shoes you wore today: Black slides

— Your weakness: Procrastination

— Your fears: Being 30 (or, hell, 24) and still living with my parents. Eternally.

— Your perfect pizza: Stuffed spinach from Giordano’s or Geno’s East in Chicago. Locally, pan crust with cheese or Hawaiian.

— Goal you’d like to achieve: Getting a master’s degree someday.



— Your most overused phrase on the internet: seriously, I am such a freak, random, THANKS

— Your thoughts first waking up: Shit, already? followed by “I have to pee.”

— Your best physical feature: My bewitching, utterly irresistible, magical, luminous eyes. Or, just “eyes.”

— Your bedtime: I try for 10:30 but it’s usually more like 12:00



— Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke

— McDonald’s or Burger King: Burger King, although McD’s has those yummy new salads.

— Adidas or Nike: Adidas

— Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton, for sure.

— Chocolate or vanilla: Some of each. Twist!

— Cappuccino or coffee: Either.



— Smoke: No

— Cuss: Hell, yes. Do you READ my entries?

— Sing: Always in the car, often elsewhere too.

— Take a shower: almost every day. Sometimes every other day if I’m being slothful and not doing much.

— Do you think you’ve been in love: Yes

— Want to go to college: Did it once – got a degree but had kind of a fucked-up experience. I’d like to go back for another degree and do it right this time.

— Liked high school: Eh. It was okay, I guess. I do NOT, however, have that desperate urge to relive the past that most of my high school acquaintances seem to have whenever I see them out and about. Live in the now, dudes!

— Want to get married: I guess so, eventually.

— Believe in yourself: Yeah, sometimes. What a lame question. Do I own any Successories? Fuck, no.

— Get motion sickness: Yes, if I read in the car, and when planes land. I’m fine at takeoff and mostly fine in the air; it’s the landing that socks me one.

— Think you’re attractive: I have my moments.

— Think you’re a health freak: HA! Surely you are kidding.

— Get along with your parents: Most of the time. Sometimes it’s necessary for me to just shut my mouth and not disagree in order for it to work, though.

— Like thunderstorms: I love them when I don’t have to drive in them.

— Play an instrument: I used to play the flute, although I haven’t touched it in years.



In the past month…

— Drank alcohol: Yes

— Smoked: No

— Done a drug: Nothing illegal

— Had Sex: No, dammit. That is SO UNFAIR.

— Made Out: See above.

— Gone on a date: No, but I could have if I didn’t mind his psycho girlfriend tagging along.

— Gone to the mall: Yes.

— Eaten an entire box of Oreos: I don’t think I’ve ever done that, period.

— Eaten sushi: Nope.

— Been on stage: Nope.

— Been dumped: You have to be in a relationship to get dumped, don’t you?

— Gone skating: Nope.

— Made homemade cookies: Nope. I’m not too domestic like that.

— Gone skinny dipping: No

— Dyed your hair: No. I’m trying to quit.

— Stolen anything: No




— Played a game that required removal of clothing: Sure have.

— Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Ha, of course. Yes.

— Been called a tease: Yep.

— Gotten beaten up: I’ve been hit, but never beaten up.

— Shoplifted: Well, sort of. There was that time with the fake flowers at Wal-Mart. Ginny was my accomplice.

— Changed who you were to fit in: I wish I could say no, but yes. I have done that. Not lately, though.



— Numbers and Names of Children: 0, for the forseeable future. I can barely remember to take care of my cat.

— How do you want to die: It might be cool if I made the news. As long as it wasn’t painful.

— What do you want to be when you grow up: Something majorly cool that pays a lot for little work.

— What country would you most like to visit: Spain, I think.



— Number of drugs taken illegally: 2. To my sisters – don’t even think about asking me which ones.

— Number of people I could trust with my life: 2, I think

— Number of CDs that I own: around 200

— Number of piercings: one in one ear, two in the other. I rarely use that second one, though.

— Number of tattoos: 0

— Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: a few. Occasionally I do something cool. I was a freak overachiever in high school so probably a lot then.

— Number of scars on my body: only a couple, and all from stupid clumsy incidents. One on my thigh, one above my eyebrow, and a few on my hands.

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