oh man oh man

I am so, so busy right now, and I look ahead to the next few weeks and it only gets worse and I freak out and want to crawl into a cave and hide. I updated my site to the latest version of WordPress and broke my linkroll and I’m sure it’s an easy fix but I just can’t seem to take the time to find the fix and make it happen so instead I just have a stupid broken site.

So busy. I can’t even collect my thoughts or focus for five minutes, it seems.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better I f-cked up a freelance assignment, which essentially blows to smithereens about $4000 worth or writing over the rest of the year. Then again, I’m simply using your workload to try to gain sympathy for the workload I just lost. Which means I have LESS to do. Which may be why I’ve added a second job. So now I’m back to sympathy for MORE to do.

    Crap. What a jerk.

    L, I just want to say “Hey.” Hey! How are you? Do work yourself mad or you’ll wind up leaving nutter comments like mine at good blogs like yours.

  2. Howdy Folks. I was wondering if anyone had any details on the Eastern re-union that is being held in Moncton in 2007. Cheers, Dan

  3. Eastern Re-Union will be held June 14 in honor of flag day and everyone who attends will be handed a flag to wave. Also, all attendees will have a desginated spot on the World Largest Sliderule for an arial photograph to be taken commemorating the event.

    Math Rules!

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