this would never happen at my salon

Ginny told me this story last night, and I gave her 12 hours to make an entry about it, and she didn’t, so I’m stealing the story. It’s just too good not to share.

She got her hair cut last weekend, I believe at Cost Cutters. While she was sitting in the chair, a woman with reasonably short hair came in. When the woman’s stylist asked what she wanted to do with it, the woman said, “I thought I’d keep it short on top and let it grow out in the back.”

M-U-L-L-E-T, anyone?

She continues: “You know, like that guy from Journey. What’s his name?”

Someone (it might have been my sister) says, “Steve Perry?”

The woman says, “Yeah, him. I want it to look like that. Can you do that?”

At which point Ginny leans over to her stylist and says, “She did NOT just ask for a Steve Perry hair cut.”

But apparently, she did.

Because nothing is classier on a woman in the year 2003 than a Steve Perry haircut.

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  1. Oh my god…….I am still laughing. ps. I live in Kentucky and have to see hair like that all the time. People even get their kids hair cut like that now and again…..

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