ethical dilemma

Let’s suppose you live in a community where there are buttloads of really old trees, and let’s also suppose that those trees are shedding all over your patio and even though you filled two leaf bags with leaves on Saturday, the patio looks like you haven’t touched it. Your community has a contract with a landscaping company. One of the things the landscaping company does is hit the leaves in the common areas with a leaf blower. Would it be so very bad to sweep your patio leaves out into the common area and let the leaf blower people take care of them? They came from the same tree, after all.

2 Replies to “ethical dilemma”

  1. Nope. I would totally do it. I would bag that shit up, and then dump it over the fence even! It’s not like you’ve got someone who cleans the garbage out of the parking lot, so instead of bagging yours up, any time you need to throw something away you just chuck it into the parking lot. They’re leaves.

  2. Judging from the mounds of leaves against the curbs here, it’s actually encouraged in the City. The City comes by and sucks them all up and there are signs everywhere, and everyone blows them out into the street. I say go for it.

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