ginny’s right – i did run away to join the circus

I will be the best trapeze artist EVAH!

No seriously, I wore my work clothes to dress rehearsal and that worked out fine. Everyone else was in street clothes except for the one poor new guy who wore his tux. The chapel was hotter than seven hells and we began shedding layers during dress rehearsal so by the end I was just in the black pants and the polka-dotted shirt.

Performances went well too. I wanted to write about the hag I had to stand next to on both nights, but it just looks like a bunch of bitching and I don’t have it in me.

No new post so far due to lack of time & inspiration. If you have any ideas, let me know.

4 Replies to “ginny’s right – i did run away to join the circus”

  1. Good to know there wasn’t some First Sopranos rumble. As for the dude in the tux at rehearsal, I dearly hope you frowned at him and said, “Psh. Rookies.”

    Ideas for blogging:

    1. Horror film plot synopses you haven’t the interest in writing the screenplay for (e.g., giant catfish attacking skinny-dipping college students)

    2. Ghost stories

    3. Most embarrassing (physical injury). Mine was a broken foot…during a card game. I also sprained a shoulder doing the monkey roll in gym class.

    4. Best names of your childhood. (Example: I had a teacher named Cantwell.)

    5. The final nail in the coffin of the classic flight vs. invisiblity debate

    6. Famous funerals you wouldn’t mind speaking at

  2. I vote that you write about summer roadtrips from colorado to iowa (have we done that one yet?) It’s an ever so appropriate a topic for november no?

  3. When in doubt, a list of your picks for the stripper names of the women on the next season of Flavor of Love will do.

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