Just Breathe

I’ve been knocked flat by this cold, which appears to be morphing into yet another sinus infection. Yesterday I spent most of the day at home in misery, often with complete nasal blockage. For those of you who’ve never experienced it, it’s truly awful. There is literally no air movement whatsoever through your nose, and it feels like you’re suffocating even though you can breathe through your mouth. You can’t swallow very well if at all, and so you feel like you’re choking when you try to eat or drink anything. Sudafed stopped helping. Steam doesn’t help. The only thing that helps, albeit temporarily, is taking a shower. So I took like three showers yesterday. This is so uncomfortable and horrible that I remember all three other times this happened quite well. Once it happened during finals week at college and I had to get extensions on all of them.

Today’s a little better, but still not great. Unfortunately, there are things to be done. I really shouldn’t even have stayed home yesterday, but on a different week I might be out for today and tomorrow.

In lieu of actual content, I thought I’d post two pictures today. Here’s a picture of our backyard, early one morning in January or February:

And here’s a picture of the view from our front yard, same day. All the grass you see belongs to us:

Sometimes it’s really nice to live where we live.

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  1. Seriously, dude. Land. That’s awesome. I wish I could get a couple of acres in the city, though, because gas is ‘spensive.

  2. You seem to have a self-developed knack of seeing things ‘in the large’ even when other pressing career, material, or medical matters compete for your undivided attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if over the years you nurtured this well-placed thriving young tree into a towering majestic oak.

    I forgot to mention the other remedy that helps my colds are chicken soup with sliced onions and fresh garlic crushed right into the bowl just as I’m about to eat. Twice a day, with a little packet of Listerine breath mint squares when at work or other social encounters, which are mostly curtailed during colds. I almost always feel better in 6 hours, and if I keep it up, the cold is vastly subdued, if not outright vanquished.

  3. god. so pretty.

    reminds me of the NW is many ways, which is a high compliment.

    i like catching up on your journal.

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