I am eating mac & cheese and obsessively watching election coverage while refreshing results pages a hundred times, and all I have to say right now is FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.

(sorry, parents.)

3 Replies to “bleargh”

  1. Amen sister. Not mac & cheese, but Papa JOhn’s pizza because I can write a check and I don’t get paid till tomorrow. Sad!

  2. OK, what’s going on there? The tide turned here after I went to bed, and McCaskill pulled it out of the fire at the last minute (my hope of “Maybe they don’t count the big cities until last” actually came to pass). I know you all are still undecided, but give me the story from the front lines!

  3. the weird thing about your posts?

    three hours of time zone is a long time. by the time i was checking up on the elections in oregon, webb was ahead, had even already made the “i’m awesome cuz i won” statements.

    perception is fun.

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