5.2: Refrigerate!

I’ve decided that this list o’five crutch will be a theme this week, since I don’t have time for much else. Today, I give you five things that can pretty much always be found in my fridge:

  1. Diet Coke
  2. 1% milk
  3. Minute Maid Light Limeade or some similar low-sugar not-really-juice drink
  4. Eggs (right now I have a whole chicken farm of eggs in the fridge – thanks, Mom!)
  5. Jello Sugar-Free Pudding Snacks (the vanilla/chocolate mix kind)


19 Replies to “5.2: Refrigerate!”

  1. 1. Local milk
    2. Fresh veggies (frequently from our garden)
    3. Fresh fruit
    4. Local eggs
    5. Hummus
    6. String cheese (part skim)
    7. Olives (green AND black)
    8 About 20 little jars of sauces/seasonings/etc in the door, which we open slowly

    Got started, couldn’t stop…

  2. 1. Diet Cherry Coke (1 case in the fridge, 3 more in the pantry)
    2. Half-empty refilled bottles of Propel water (I like the little twisty tops)
    3. Carton of JustWhites egg whites (my roommate thinks the idea of eggs from a carton is gross, but I think the idea of where regualr eggs come from is gross, too)
    4. Pre-sliced celery sticks (I know, I know, I pay like $2 extra to buy it pre-sliced, but it’s just so much work to do it myself!)
    5. BBQ sauce (which I put on everything)

  3. 1. milk
    2. other people’s food
    3. vegetables i never got around to cooking
    4. other people’s alcohol
    5. when i am feeling DECADENT, vanilla coke

    most of my groceries are not of the “put in the fridge” variety.
    plus, i’ve been broke, and i dont like putting bread in the fridge.



  4. are local eggs and milk like local bands, in that they have a strong but furious underground regional following, and are much more passionate but just suffer from distribution issues?

    (i’ll be here all week)

  5. 1.plain yogurt
    3.hummus/peanut butter depending on the season (I don’t know why)

  6. and finally! i am disturbed by the amount of diet coke in the lives of my female friends.


  7. On this website, it’s “soda,” Yankee.

    And you know how Target is life? So’s Diet Coke.

  8. making the rounds on MySpace
    Google “your name”+”needs” and list the first 5 given. (I think the myspace list asks for “5 funniest” but, really, like I’m gonna scan ’em all.)
    1. Alberto needs to be slapped upside his head (no kidding)
    2. Alberto needs…to feel comfortable in the new classroom setting
    3. (The World of Interiors) is the mag that Alberto needs.
    4. …work together to meet Alberto’s needs.
    5. Alberto needs to pedal 130 hours over the course in six days…

  9. don’t call me a yankee unless you wanna start somethin’, you.

    and diet coke is NASTY. diet SOFT DRINKS are ALL gross.

  10. Diet drinks are only gross until you drink them for the better part of your life.. and then you can’t stand regular… so there

    Always inn my fridge:

    1. Mayonaise (Dukes Brand – and not because I’m a Duke)
    2. Butter
    3. Bottled Water
    4. Some kind of cheese
    5. Some kind of juice or lemonade (Right now there’s white cranberry juice, and strawberry leomonade)

    And in the freezer:
    1. Totinos Party Pizzas
    2. Chicken Breasts
    3. Bomb Pops
    4. Bagels
    5. Lean Pockets

  11. 1. Bottles of water, ’cause they don’t come lazier than me. However, they need not be fancy. Cases of “Sludge Creek Bottled Water” from Sam’s Club do nicely.
    2. Diet Coke, when I can bring myself to buy it. Considering a 12-pack makes a brief 3-day stop on its tour around the world via my urinary tract, I try to show a little self-restraint while still at Target.
    3. Veggie dip made with plain Dannon yogurt and Hidden Valley Ranch powder. Dude, IT’S FAT FREE (if you buy fat-free yogurt; normally I’m anti-fat-free dairy, but for rillz: when you put those tongue-mangling spices in, I challenge you to tell the difference).
    4. Tuna salad. Always with the tuna salad.
    5. Orange juice. Vitamin C is the vitamin for me!

  12. > On this website, it’s “soda,” Yankee.

    In Maine they call it ‘tonic’.

    > And you know how Target is life?

    I don’t, but for some it may be. This cries out for a discussion of ‘life’.

    >So’s Diet Coke.

    I drink soda less than 0.5% of the time. There’s so much more to life….

  13. > are local eggs and milk like local bands, in that they have a
    > strong but furious underground regional following, and are
    > much more passionate but just suffer from distribution issues?

    1. Yes. Support your local farmer (instead of a factory farm) and buy essential products that don’t have to be shipped long distances (oil, climate change, etc).
    2. No, they just have a business plan that doesn’t assume infinite growth and world domination.

    Highly recommended;


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