We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Spleens

Belle is okay!

The vet said the tumor was just attached to her spleen, and everything else looked fine in there, and she was able to remove the tumor and spleen successfully. Belle did very well and will stay at least overnight to recover, since she’s an old girl and this was major surgery. We still don’t know if she’ll walk or not, but I imagine she’ll feel a lot better without a giant tumor stealing her blood, and I have this bizarre theory that if she had a mental block on walking, then being knocked out will hit her “reset” button and she’ll give it another shot when she’s awake and feeling better. In any case, I’m hopeful.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts – I think they helped!

6 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Spleens”

  1. dear lorie,

    on a lighter note, the abbreviation for Virginia Gross Income keeps making me do a double take.


  2. Indeed, who needs a stinkin’ spleen anyway! :)

    On a kinda-related note — my brother had a tumor growth in his spleen several years back, that was SEVEN INCHES IN DIAMETER — what is UP with tumors growing in/on spleens anyway? I guess no matter, since it all can be removed anyway.

    Glad to hear Belle is better!!

  3. Evidently, the spleen processes so much blood that it’s an excellent food source, if you will, for a tumor. So splenic tumors are super-common, especially in large mammals like golden retrievers…and people.

    I say, ick.

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