Why Today Is Awesome

  1. We had a late start today, so I got to sleep in.
  2. I am wearing the most comfy caramel cords ever, and sensible yet kick-ass boots, and a cozy sweater.
  3. I had gallons and gallons of Thai food for lunch, and it was awesome (and so was our waitress).
  4. The weather is beautiful today – quite a change from yesterday’s crappy ice storm.
  5. I got paid today!
  6. I have fun plans for tonight.
  7. Aaand I got a new job. I’ll be at the same place, but I’ll be doing a job that was created with me in mind, and will allow me to specialize in a subset of my field that is, to me, very interesting.
  8. And this new opportunity basically allowed me to create a new opportunity for someone else in my department who really kicks ass.

I’d say it’s quite a good day indeed.

6 Replies to “Why Today Is Awesome”

  1. I just read this and then looked at the date and was very confused as to how you had a delay today due to weather. I really want it to snow or ice or something again. Needless to say, I am (was) jealous.

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