I’m the butt of many jokes today, because during a discussion about what, exactly, a turducken might be, I floated the theory that it was a genetically engineered megabird. Coincidentally, I am a genetically engineered megatool.

3 Replies to “tur-what?”

  1. No. It’s like a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken – and then cooked.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for using “tool” in this way.

    I realized the other day that none of my friends used “tool” to describe people this way, and it kinda broke me. Everyone had difference definitions that were then BACKED UP by the urban dictionary. My definition–sort of a negative dork/nerd combo, but really it was “you know it when you see it” did not fly.

  3. Genetically engineered megabird. Awesome.

    The other day on Top Chef, one of the chefs wanted to make a turducken lasagna. Which actually doesn’t sound too bad.

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