Jamison, Manservant

This family is big on weird nicknames. I was known as Stumpy the Christmas Elf for way too long, and I suspect that this will become a popular nickname again since I’ve just reminded my sisters they gave it to me.

As the youngest child and the constant victim of our taunting abuses, Jamie’s probably had the most nicknames. Once, when she was a toddler, she randomly told us to “just call her Stripey,” and so we did for a while. When she was about five and in her first years of basketball, we called her Home Fries. I don’t know why. A few years ago, she was J.Ho. Her teammates call her J.Hoov. And we – well, we call her Jamison, Manservant.

Jamie actually came up with this all on her own one day, as we were walking out of the grocery store. She was carrying all the shopping bags and said we ought to just call her Jamison, and she could be our manservant. And so it went. Now, we’re calling her Jamison pretty much all the time.

Through a combination of her natural helpful personality and that whole youngest-child thing, Jay has been the go-to person for fetching things, picking things up, taking things to other places, and all other manner of household servitude practically since she learned to walk. Sometimes she gets mad and throws a fit and refuses, and sometimes she actually offers to help. And besides, “Jamison” has a good ring to it. It has such a good ring, in fact, that it’s permeated the household.

So, yeah. We call her Jamison all the time. And when we colored eggs for Easter, we had one of those wax crayons to use for drawing stuff on the eggs, and that’s how we ended up with a Jamison Easter egg. We also had a Midget Easter egg, but I don’t really know what the story was there. Mom becomes Momison. Dad becomes Dadison. When we drive on the “new-and-improved” Jamison Avenue, we’re all, hey, it’s your road!

And of all the nicknames we’ve called her over the years, this is the one she seems to mind the least.

4 Replies to “Jamison, Manservant”

  1. Um, way to post horribly awful ugly horrendous and downright terribly unflattering pictures of me. Thanks. Love you too.

  2. Reminds me of Jameson the delightful Irish Whiskey, a nice counterpart to Bushmills.

    Ginny, your pictures are fine. Just enjoy being you.

  3. My niece Jamie is the following: Jamie, Jame, Jamers, Jamela (long A, like Jamie), Jay, Bad Mamma Jamma (short A, like Pamela), Jamison, and J. Dog. She is only 11.

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