blind, dirty, and dripping wet

Today the power went out when I was in the shower. We’re having really high winds today so I guess that caused it. So I had just gotten in the shower, and gotten all wet, but I hadn’t started soaping yet and then boom! Pitch black. The water kept going for a few minutes so at first I thought the light had burned out. So I found the faucet and turned it off and stumbled, blind, dirty, and dripping wet, out of the bathroom…and this whole time I’m still thinking the light is burned out.

I go into my room and get one of the torchieres, thinking I can plug that in and it’ll light up the bathroom long enough for me to shower. So I plug it in and…it won’t turn on. So THEN I try the hair dryer, and it won’t work either, so THEN I think the breaker has blown.

About five minutes later when I’m looking for a flashlight I finally realize that there is no power anywhere in the house.

So I sat around for awhile until it came back on, hopped back in the shower, and raced through the quickest morning routine ever. I jumped in the car, booked it to the ‘burg, so that I could make it to the 11:00 mandatory meeting on time. And then they cancelled the meeting, so that was super. Except not.

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