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  1. You are a good writer. I was vanity Googling myself today and it turned up a bunch of your posts (since I’m in your links list), and I was like, laugh riot at my work. Sometimes ya got the block. I know how it feels, ta-rust me. Sometimes the blog isn’t your number one priority, and unless you’re dooce and it feeds your kid and buys you medical insurance, that’s not a problem. We understand, and we’ll be here if you ever feel the urge again. Once upon a time, blogging was SO. VERY. IMPORTANT to me. I was unemployed and depressed, and felt so alone, and it was a way to reach out to others and try to get a grip on my sanity. But it fades in and out, and like every other obsession, it wanes with time. Life goes on, and no one is judging you for not writing. (Not like in the Diaryland days of yore when we would leave people comments demanding they update.) So, hang in there. We get it. We’re with ya. You can lose your interest, but don’t lose your confidence.

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