All of the Hateration Without the Holleration

Today I find that the following things are giving me a serious case of The Hates:

  1. My puny, worthless, weak, no-good immune system. I came down with a cold over the weekend, almost exactly when I finished the antibiotics for my sinus infection, which has thankfully cleared up. But seriously. I can’t breathe through my nose today and I can’t take my allergy medicine because it exacerbates my severe congestion but it’s a double-edged sword because now I’m reacting to allergens in addition to having a cold and my nose is all red and raw and I’ve gone through an entire box of tissues in my office today and that sucks. And I’ve been working out and eating healthily and I’ve taken a multivitamin daily for about a million years now, so what else does my stupid body want from me? I don’t want to be Sick Girl, and yet I seem to be Sick Girl lately.
  2. The stupid annoying IRS, with the exception of one employee. About two months ago I filed an amended 1040x return for calendar 02 because I didn’t deduct my student loan interest that year and upon review, it was more than I thought and probably worth my time. Over the weekend I got a letter from them saying, “Here are the changes we made to your amended return.” The changes? Well, they somehow decided to add my student loan interest to my AGI. After about an hour on the phone with them this morning, I went through my 452nd connection and ended up talking to a very nice woman (the exception noted above) who went through the return with me line by line. Turns out I did make a mistake on the return, but they did not correct it correctly. So now I have to file an ADDITIONAL 1040x (which has to be done on PAPER and mailed in — none of that e-file crap for them, nosir!) to amend the amended return, and wait another 12 weeks for the results, and after all that effort I *might* get about 1/5 of what I’d been expecting. Or I might not. Whatever.

Heh. I’m sure I had more hates than that at some point today, but I must have gotten over them or forgotten about them or something, because that’s all I can come up with now. Feel free to add your hates in the comments anyway; I’m sure I’ll come up with more later. The Hates can be a work in progress.

This weekend I finally got some new sneakers, among other things. I’m terrible about replacing my sneakers, and I’ve been working out a lot more lately and was really having trouble with my arches.

Somehow they look darker gray than that in person. This is the Saucony Grid Aura, which is a trail runner. The Hurricane would have been best for my low arches, but these do nicely. It’s amazing how much more you feel like you can do in good shoes.

I also got a pair of jeans and two bras. In fact, that was my exact goal for shopping: one pair of jeans, one pair of sneakers and two bras. And I got all four things for less than $100. I rock. Sales rock too.

Okay, this Sudafed doesn’t feel like it’s working as well as it did earlier today. My brain hurts. And my face. And my nose. And I’m sitting here breathing through my mouth like a caveman. Rock.

10 Replies to “All of the Hateration Without the Holleration”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re feeling crappy. One note, Sudafed does absolutely nothing for me but Sudafed Sinus does. If you’re face is hurting that might help you some. Get to feeling better.

    My hate for today is one of my cube neighbor’s constantly referring to his friend as “his buddy”. This annoyance might have to do with the fact that I don’t like the guy to begin with and pretty much anything he says bugs me. But the “buddy” has just gone too far.

  2. You might try taking iron supplements. I used to get sick all the time and I found out I’m anemic, so I started taking iron and now I rarely get sick. Echinacea is good stuff too.

  3. At the risk of sounding like a complete dufus, how do you pronounce “Saucony”? Because I’ve seen it in print a skajillion times and never heard it, unless it’s pronounced “Nike,” and I can’t tell from the spelling. Is the ‘c’ hard or soft? Is the emphasis on the first, second, or, God forbid, the third syllable? I’m so confused!

  4. And, by the way, cute shoes! I HEART tennis shoes (that’s what we call them here in the midwest, no matter what they’re used for). I’ve heard that major Vitamin-C doses are good for staving off colds, along with zinc.

  5. It’s “Sock-a-knee.” And don’t feel bad — I only know this because it’s printed on the box. :)

  6. Wow, thanks! I feel like such a goober, even though you assured me that I should not. It’s just the natural state I walk around in.

  7. Good to hear you are working out and eating healthy. If your arches are giving you problems, does that mean you are running? Another way to get the workout you want without the pounding on your ankles, knees, and breasts is speed walking. You can get just as much exercise walking at 5 mph (which is not easy to do for 45 minutes, trust me) as you can running. You’ll probably have to start out a little slower.

    Soryy to hear about the cold and allergies. I recently had a cold, but reduced it’s duration and magnitude using a nasal swab called Zircum (or somesuch).

    If you are taking vitamins, make sure they are not synthetic, which one’s body doesn’t absorb very well. Natural vitamins have the coenzymes and such that are required for sufficient absorbtion. And if you want to take iron, a simple chelated mineral supplement once or twice a week should suffice.

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