The Door Is Always Open

So, here we are. Welcome to my new website. Whether you came from the old one, or are here for the first time, I’m happy to have you. Please don’t be afraid to participate — I’m kind of a comment whore anyway, so it makes me feel like the awesomest girl in the world when the comments are active.

I’ve worked really hard on this site for several weeks now, and last night I finally felt like I had it at a place where I could start to show it to people. So I called my mom in to the computer and told her I wanted to show it to her. She had exactly one question for me:

“Are you going to curse on this one?”

And the answer, in case any of you are curious, is yes. Yes, Mom, I will most definitely continue to curse on this one. In fact, as I told her yesterday, I’ve already cursed twice, on the about page.

I’ll be migrating over archives from the old page as I am able. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy picking up what I’m trying to put down here.

13 Replies to “The Door Is Always Open”

  1. I am the VERY FIRST PERSON EVER to comment on your new site! WOO! I rock so hard. Anyway, it looks great and now that you have your own domain name, you have an obligation to be spectacular and entertaining ALL THE TIME. (Not that you weren’t before, but… you know.) Also, if I actually manage to make it out tomorrow night, I am going to call you because you should come hang out and see my new hair. That is all.

  2. You linked me! You linked me!

    (only hush! that’s not me! there’s no jwithington over there….)

    I can’t believe you let your mom read this.


    You have made my day.

  3. okay – insisting I leave contact information – that’s… bossy. Sometimes I don’t wanna leave my contact info. I’m not worried about it getting published – I just don’t wanna do it.

    Had a cute little comment but it’s gone now. It’s grown up to be a wreck of an alcoholic and is currently hiding its good side from you.

    I’m sorry, Lorie. It was a really darling little comment. But it’s gone now.
    HOWEVER, I will now leave all my contact info – the same info posted on the right. under “Links”. That same information.

    (good work by the way – really.)

  4. oof! I meant to change that option and forgot all about it. It’s fixed now. See how spoiled you are?

  5. The site looks great. Nice work kicking it off at the start of the year!

    Please commence being your witty, entertaining self.

  6. Thank you, love.

    This blue is the loveliest blue and I wanna lay me down in the field of your header and only ponder your brilliance.


  7. since you asked, this looks great in safari and mac firefox.

    in mac IE, the picture didn’t show up. but using IE on a mac is retarded anyway since they stopped making new versions already.

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