Gmail, Vertigo, and the Political Compass

I’ve heard lots of deadly awesome things about gmail lately, so I’m trying it out. I’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime, if you want to send me something there, clicky on the email link over on the left.

I’m having a pretty nasty vertigo attack today. I get it every once in a while, although not nearly as frequently as I did when I was younger. I really thought my computer monitor was moving for awhile, and then when I started running into things I knew it wasn’t the computer monitor. The only antihistamine in my purse today is stupid Alavert, so I took it in hopes it would help. I could probably stand to take a stronger one but anything stronger is likely to knock me out. It is kind of funny, though, when I run into things. I also misjudged the distance to my friend’s car door and cracked my head on it a little while ago.

And also, here’s something you may find interesting (especially if you are into politics): The Political Compass has some great stuff about political ideologies, and how Stalin and Hitler were more similar than you might think. It explains the inadequacies of simply having “left” and “right” ideologies, citing the left-right line as an economic one. The political compass adds a y-axis to place the social dimension. It ranges from authoritarian to libertarian. There’s a test you can take to place yourself on the political compass. For the record, I’m pretty solidly in the middle of the Leftist Libertarian quadrant.

Go check that place out, even if only to take the test. I doubt you’ll regret it. And tell me how you turn out!

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  1. i actually had to study that axis thingie when i took government and politics at NU. interesting stuff, that. maybe i'll take it and report.

    also, how did you get a gmail account? did you have someone “on the inside”?

  2. hmmm, maybe i should up grade my blogger account. i loose posts all the stinken time-it would be awesome to have someone at tech support to find it for me. i'm glad they found it for you, i know what a heart break it can be to spend almost a hour of your life on a post to have it disappear into the abyss of web.

  3. Jeez, how could you take that quiz…the very first question sent me screaming.

    “If economic globalisation is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations.”

    Huh? I'll stick to quizzes telling me what Wizard of Oz character I most resemble.

  4. ha haha, Ginger, it freaked me out at first, but then i just boiled it down. do i prefer corporations or people? i chose people. the questions got easier.

  5. One of my favorite quotation abuses is a local breakfast joint that has a banner touting its “pancake” special. my quesiotn is, if they're not pancakes, what are they?

  6. Well, apparently I'm possibly more left than Ghandi. More so with regard to economics (-6.50) than social beliefs (5.85).
    I now have two gmail accounts – is that bad? I held off on the first and then, when I finally accepted it I chose a dorky name – or, it's my first and middle name and they only sound good together if we're related and you've heard my aunts call to me from a distance using it.
    The second was by invite this morning, which was very nice. I went with something I could hold on to for a while and plan to start using it today.
    I didn't realize they were so precious until I found a site where people trade in gmail accounts, goods and services for accounts.


  7. I saw a banner outside of McDonald's that said something about trying the new “Chicken” McNuggets. Hmm…

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