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Sorry I haven’t been writing as often. Part of the problem is that I have so much to say. Funny, I know, but it’s like I’m driving around and I’m trying to work and I’m thinking all the freakin’ time and quite often I think “I should write an entry about this” and when I sit down in front of the computer and load up the entry box, I find myself at an utter loss. So this time I’m just going to tell you some of what I remember, in completely arbitrary fashion. Maybe I’ll do it as a list. Yeah.

— I was bummed to learn that Death Cab for Cutie and Aveo will be in Charlottesville next week, because the show was already sold out when I found out about it. I felt marginally better to learn that I have to work that night anyway so I wouldn’t have been able to go.

I know everyone’s all about DCFC these days, and I certainly like them well enough. But I actually discovered them through Aveo, because both bands are on Barsuk, a great little label from Washington. I knew Aveo first and really like them a lot, and got Death Cab’s EP for free when I ordered Bridge to the Northern Lights. Go listen to “Dust that Dreams of Brooms” and “Frostbitten” from their new album, Battery. It’s pretty good, but between you and me, I prefer Bridge to the Northern Lights.

— I have this really cute stretchy button-down shirt on today. It’s white with pink and white lacy sort of detailing in tiny vertical stripes. I’ve only worn it twice, though, because when I washed it after the last time I wore it, two buttons came off in the wash. I talked my mom into sewing them on because I’m not domestic at all, and planned to wear it on Friday with my suit. But then on Friday when I was buttoning it, another button fell off. So today I was sewing THAT button back on (because Mom made me suck it up and sew it myself), and in the process, every other button fell off except the two Mom sewed. Damn machine stitching.

— My sources tell me that Jello Pudding Pops are back in some markets, including Chicago and some metro areas in New Jersey. I live in a notably non-metro area, so I’m sure it’ll be a while before they make their way here, but my sources say that the reincarnated pudding pops have, in fact, retained the most important part of the originals – that icy “shell.” A tiny amount of research confirms their existence. Yay!

— I’m reading Neverwhere, which is absolutely wonderful as expected. I’ve yet to see Gaiman make a misstep.

— My former boss sent me a link to a quick game that helps you figure out how to vote in November. For the record, here’s my result: You are a Left Wing Communist. You have little love for God or Country. You list Michael Moore as an intellectual and often threaten to move to Canada. You may want to vote for Nader, but your socialist friends will tell you to vote for John Kerry.

I’d never vote for Nader and I have decidedly mixed feelings about Mr. Moore, but I have threatened to move to Canada a few times lately. Oh, and I kind of want the “Sharpton is my Homeboy” tee. Because it’s funny. Is that so wrong?

— And finally, my last bit of news for today is that Ginny is coming home tomorrow. They decided not to go the nursing home route after all. We had made peace with that possibility and then plans changed. I’m honestly kind of tired of keeping up with the roller coaster of plan changes lately so I’m not questioning much anymore.

She will be home in the afternoon so I am working a half-day so that I can be there when she gets home. She is still bed-bound for the most part and not able to bear weight on either leg for the next 3-5 weeks, so ultimately we’ll have the same regimen that she has had while in the hospital. Bedpans, catheter, bed-to-chair transfers when she’s able, PT people at the house three days a week and nurses twice a week to do bloodwork. In a way, all of our work is just beginning, but we are definitely looking forward to having her home.

I am working till 10:30 tonight so I should go get some dinner. And how are you?

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  1. 3 – 5 weeks. Dude, that is ssssoooo soon. I mean, really, it may not feel like sometimes but that is really, really fast. Human bodies are amazing.

    Have to wait 'til tomorrow to check on Aveo from work. Oh, and DCFC -missed 'em twice but much more into The Postal Service, Ben's other side project.
    I got Gaiman for my little brother. He wrote a kid's book for his little one called, “The Wolves in the Walls” and it's fantastic. My mom didn't exactly go for it but I talked her into letting me show him and, after I explained that nothing was scary at all, he was mesmorized by the art. He studied it so much he even caught a little visual joke that I'd missed. Kids are amazing, too.

  2. crap – how'd I skip the part in the post that asked, “but Mike, enough about me here at loriestories – How the hell are you doing?!”?
    Speed reading is getting me less and less milage up the road.

  3. well, I guess there was that closing comment that asked, “And how are you?”
    …but I kinda thought that was meant only for me.
    uh. yeah.

  4. Well, they give me more crap, Annika, 'cause I think Al Sharpton is RIGHT.

    So glad that Ginny is coming home.

    Peace and blessings.

  5. i loved neverwhere. i can' t believe you haven' t read it before. that' s crazy. also, i' m flattered that i remind you of a smelly homeless chick of questionable sanity. juuuust kidding. i' m seriously flattered that you see a similarity. between door and myself, not… homeless funky chick.

  6. I think my last comment got all f'd up in cyber land but it was that Mr. Moore is amedia whore and the best thing that has come from his capitalistic efforts to profit from the marginal free speech sector of the consumer market is the printing Ben Hamper's book about Detroit factory life in the 80's. I'm out it's late.

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