families say the weirdest things

And now, I offer for your reading pleasure – an abridged lexicon of words and phrases unique to my weird family. Much of these, like in many families, are things that I or my sisters could not pronounce as babies, and they’ve made it into our everyday usage. Others are slang that Ginny and I brought back from college, or something we saw on TV. The list is truly endless, but here are a few.

Here goes!

peenjelly: a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. I believe this is a Sammi original.

hangaber: hamburger

hot hog: hot dog

kwarn: corn

eat on, re-eat on: to eat something, or to go back and eat more of it later. I think Mom picked this one up from the old country dudes at the hospital.

you fold like x: basically, you suck. Common usage includes you fold like origami and you fold like a card table. A Ginny phrase, I think.

I wasn’t listening, so you must not be talking to me: one of the funniest Mom moments ever. She said it when we caught her not paying attention, intending to say that she didn’t think we were talking to her so she didn’t listen, but it came out the other way and there it stuck.

And where is [insert dead person here] now? “DAY-ud!”: This one came from me via my friend Frank. I think it’s from a movie but neither he nor I can remember which one, if it is. If anyone knows, tell me! But anyway, you can obviously fill in any dead person. You say the first part and everyone in the family will say the second.

You’re handicapped? That’s GREAT!: When we moved Ginny up to school, we tried to park in a parking lot reserved for disabled people (as Dad is disabled). The attendant, a young student, came running up and tried to stop us, and when Dad pointed out the wheelchair on our license plate, she said, “Oh, you’re handicapped? That’s GREAT!” We were laughing way too hard to be offended, not that my family gets offended easily anyway.

Woof and Wilma!: two words that we like to say at the end of songs. The first is from All Dogs Go To Heaven and the second is from that SNL Christmas with Gumby skit.

Those are but a few. After checking in with the Younger 3 on this topic I may come up with enough to add a second part in the future.

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