My first job: Burger King drive-thru girl

After my mom dropped me off at Burger King and told me she'd pick me up after I got a job, I had my first interview on the spot and was hired at the princely rate of $5.50 an hour. I built my reputation up to the point where I could pretty much demand my choice of stations (drive-thru: yes, broiler: HELL NO), and reigned over the drive-thru until I went to college a couple of years later. I continued working there in the summers during college as a primary job, then as a secondary job, until I ended up temping at a place that paid me much more, but was not nearly so fun. Sometimes I miss those BK days – everyone had a shared goal, we worked together to reach it, and when the night was over, we'd clean up the store and go to Denny's and share coffee and wings for hours. Those were some good days.

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  1. You can flip burgers for me any day. I was the busboy at an Italian restaurant. Same sense of solidarity, we even played paintball on the company.

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