Go Get A Monkey Kidney

I. Love. The Office.

Seriously, it just keeps getting better. And it just got picked up for a third season! And all the secondary characters got promotions! Here’s a really great article about that.

Jim’s glances at the camera are quite possibly my favorite thing about Thursdays.

4 Replies to “Go Get A Monkey Kidney”

  1. I am now going to be that annoying person who tells you that after watching the original British version, I just can’t get into the American one. It has its moments, but not enough of them.

  2. My favorite random line had to be when they cut to Kelly talking to Jim – “…the singer Pink, the color pink, hot dogs, you know, anything that is awesome…” Oh man, I died. I just died. I cannot wait for season two to come out on DVD. Mike (from above) is just a hater.

  3. Speaking of monkeys… THE show… is Love Monkey, you have to watch it.

    I don’t really get the office either, but not because I’m a british version snob… :) love me

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