11 Replies to “ow, my lungs”

  1. Oh, you think that’s all you got?! Lemme tell you, that ain’t all you got!

    (I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean but it’d be funny to the gf were she to say it. I’m pathetic.)

    Brontosaurus: Eats, shoots and leaves. ;)

  2. sorry you are feeling bad. At least the weather sucks too, you can be dreary and get away with it. Shoots and Leaves should be vegetarian restaurant name.

  3. My cold-ravaged lungs sympathize with you. I don’t recall what I took when I had bronchitis four or five years ago, but it worked (though took two rounds). Zithromax? Can that be correct? It started with a Z, I believe.

    The lungs can be REAL assholes, hey.

  4. Zithromax is a good antibiotic for upper respiratory infections, so yes that could be it, although it is now generic and called Azithromycin. Sorry, I’m a pharmacy nerd i know, i know.

  5. I am on Azithromycin actually, and it does seem like maybe now it’s starting to work. We’ll see.

  6. Azithromycin?! That’s the poison that nearly ripped my stomach in half back in ’94. Never have I had such cramps. You all must have the stomaches of steel.

  7. Damn. That occurred to me during dinner, actually. Something about the waiter pulling the sunshade two tables away reminded me of azithromycin. I even remembered the packaging and dosage instructions.

    The brain has an agenda.

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