Okay, maybe I’ll stick with this theme for a while. I have all these picky little requirements when I’m trying to come up with a new look for the site, and I wasn’t happy with a bunch of things about the previous fifty themes I’ve tested out over the past few days. I like this one because it’s cute and I can deal with it sitting here as is for a while, but it’s also easy for me to start dropping in new headers if/when I want to, and I really enjoyed that when I was doing it several months ago before I switched to Unsleepable. I really like the asides and would like to get those going again soon, and I’d like to bring back my own Flickr RSS instead of the random art shots that were on the Tree theme the other day.

Sorry I’ve been neglecting the site lately. So, hi! How are you today?

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  2. Did you miss me, had to go to big sandbox for visit.
    Your Dad and this Mikey are jerks. Tell them to grow up and use nice words. Bye

  3. The guy… though I like him… kinda makes me think of the depression commercials with the sad rolling circle. He seems overwhelmed by the biggness of his world…Is that saying something about me. I think yes.

  4. My original thought was the same as Ginny’s, he really does look like the little guy from the zoloft commercials. (i think it is zoloft?) maybe yours is his obliviously happy twin cousin?

  5. Yep – like it. The vast emptiness of the lawn up there is ripe to be filled with Loriestories.

  6. I like the header. I like this image of a dejected young man, alone, as, ahead of him, we also note the faint steamy stream that is now, suddenly, his ex-girlfriend who has, just a moment ago, decided to reveal her secret power of flight and super speed following the curt announcement of the demise of their affair.

    Along with the mix of shock and befuddlement, we can also see, in his countenance, a recognition of the familiar: Ah, yes, this is pain; this is the deep, hollow, vacuumed pang of heartbreak.

    He doesn’t even look up to watch the spectacle that is her sudden supersonic flight. He only looks ahead at the mental image of his dreams on the horizon – of the horizon itself – crumbling, distant and approaching, faster and faster – completely.

  7. Okay, so how unobservant am I? When Ginny said something about the little man I hadn’t a clue as to what she was talking about. I saw the clouds and that’s where my head must have gone because I never even noticed him….

  8. It definitely looks like StrongSad.
    In other news….did you get me email about the Fratellis?!

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