The Lure

Everyone knows that if you’re waiting for a service person to arrive at your house and you want him to get there faster, you should do one of the following:
a) Leave for a while.
b) Make a lengthy visit to the bathroom.
c) Cook some food and start eating it.

I’ve done all three. He’s still not here. So I guess I should go get my dirty underwear and bring it downstairs to wash and see if that helps.

8 Replies to “The Lure”

  1. Hey, you’re not off work because Columbus Day are you?! I didn’t get the day off at my non-profit org.!

  2. nope. I got the day off because I worked 70 hours last week, including 27 on Friday and Saturday alone. :)

  3. Oh yeah, forgot about that. …I’m stuck on …97 hours. Somehow, I kinda wish, for you, that it was just for CDay and not for having worked …ugh, 97 hours last week.

  4. there are far to many people imagining you in various states of undress for it to be comfy in here.

  5. I guess you’ll just have to pull the same stunt you caught your neighbor at. If that doesn’t do it, change your service, or contemplate what life must have been like in the 1800s. The PBS series “Frontier House” was a good examination of the effect of shifting people into earlier cultural timeframes caused on their psyches.

    We have Little House on the Prarie nights (nothing electrical is used, sleep by the woodstove in sleeping bags) from time to time just to remind us of what we take for granted now.

  6. You could always just club yourself in the head in order to appreciate more how lucky you are you aren’t clubbed on the head regularly.
    I have self-abuse nights when I touch my hands to hot burners on the stove. I’ll tell you, not much gets to me after that.

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