Bullet the Blue Sky

  • Thanksgiving: was fine and funny. We spent the majority of the meal trying to get my mom to threaten to cut someone. Eventually she threatened to cut us all. She also threw a dinner roll at Sammi and magically hit her in the head with it. This is especially funny because a) my mom tries to act like she’s horrified when the rest of us misbehave, and b) normally, my mom could throw something at a person two feet in front of her and manage to both hit and break something three rooms away.
  • Football: actually I don’t think I have anything to say about football in general.
  • Throwback jerseys: We were hoping that Denver and Dallas would wear them for their game on Thanksgiving. Sammi insisted that they would, because Sammi says you HAVE TO WEAR THROWBACK JERSEYS if you play on Thanksgiving. Dad pointed out that “throwback jerseys” are a recent thing, and that no, you don’t HAVE TO WEAR THROWBACK JERSEYS to any game, but it’s cool if you do. Sadly, there were no throwback jerseys to be seen.
  • Zombie dogs: really, only one zombie dog, and her name is Sadie. I really don’t think I can finish this bullet without getting grossed out – let’s just say that I got up from the Thanksgiving table to refill everyone’s beverage, and turned around only to be confronted with Zombie Dog standing in the kitchen all like BRAAAAAAAINS and it was gross and my horrible sisters continued to make gross comments about it throughout dinner and probably will do so in my comments as well. Ick. Ew.
  • My new kittens: Abby and Marco came to live with me on Sunday afternoon. They’re settling in beautifully and seem really happy in the townhouse. It’s been a week of firsts for them – first car ride, first vet visit, first shots, first time away from their mom – they’ve had a very busy week. Also, I need to get clippers and cut their nails because they keep using parts of my body as a springboard in their games and I am, seriously, cut to ribbons.
  • High Fidelity: might be jockeying for a spot as my favorite book and movie of all time. Also, I believe it’s the only title for which I own the book, the film, and the soundtrack. I have the VHS movie, though, and would like to add the DVD to my collection. This will probably make me lame but I don’t give a crap. I heart High Fidelity.
  • Secret World Live: I bought it, and I really think that’s all I had to say about it.
  • Bowl games: Northwestern will probably get its bid this Sunday. The Big 10 bowls are dependent on whether or not both Penn State and Ohio State get BCS bowl bids. We’re projected for Sun or Music City; I know the Sun Bowl is a little more prestigious, but I’m more likely to be able to travel to Nashville than to El Paso, so I’m kind of hoping for a Music City Bowl bid (especially if UVA also gets a bid there). But – some sites have us projected against Cal at the Sun Bowl, which ought to make for an interesting friendly rivalry between me and Hugo.
  • Downsides of strong antibiotics: let’s just say that the delicate balance of my ecosystem has gotten a bit fucked up and I’m eating a lot of yogurt, and leave it at that.
  • The library: I think I was going to say that I have a weird burning urge to read Nancy Drew books and Boxcar Children books and that the college library doesn’t have them so I was thinking about getting a membership to the city library but it’s in a really bad part of town and I’m kind of sketched out about it. That’s all.
  • The vet: made a weird comment about me getting too cheap a rate for the kittens and now I’m not sure whether I want to hate him or what.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: I enjoyed it a lot. I’d have enjoyed it more if a bunch of middle school assholes hadn’t spoken in outdoor voices and laughed inappropriately throughout the screening.
  • Rent: Was good, if a bit cheesy in places (song lyrics turned into spoken dialogue, for example). That doesn’t mean I didn’t cry like a little girl at certain parts, though.

…and I can’t even finish THIS allegedly clever idea. Damn.

7 Replies to “Bullet the Blue Sky”

  1. I wondered if the Cowboys’ uniforms were throwbacks. I know they were different than what I’m used to seeing them wear when they play at home though.

  2. I’ll say it!!! SADIE DROOLS BIG GROSS DISGUSTING ZOMBIE SLOBER LINES THAT HANG FROM HER MOUTH AND NEVER FALL OFF!!!! and that’s what Lorie say at the dinner table!

  3. Stong antibiotics suck ass.

    Sounds like Abby and Marco are the cutters in the family. I’m glad to hear they’re settling in well.

  4. eek to the yogurt related ickyness!

    secret world live: peter gabriel right? I ALMOST BOUGHT THAT THE OTHER DAY. weirdness. perhaps some more cd sending is in order.

    did you remember the throwback bears uniforms from the 75th anniversary season? UGLIEST. SHIT. EVER.

    and i heart old sports uniforms, so.

    (oneof the best parts of playing video game football is the ability to wear old ass weird uniforms. i like the old buffalo bills ones myself.)

    when you call marco, does he respond POLO?


  5. Well, no match-up for us in the Sun Bowl. I still have to root for UCLA though; come bowl season, I root religiously for all the Pac-10 squads.

    I predict that we’ll see over 100 points scored…

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