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Lots of things happened this weekend. If you follow NCAA football, you may have guessed what sparked my new design (finally!).

From nusports.com, which has the full story:

  • Northwestern defeated Ohio State for the first time since the 1971 season, a 14-10 win in Columbus. The win is the first for Northwestern against OSU in Evanston since 1958. NU’s victory snaps a 24-game losing streak against the Buckeyes. The closest the Wildcats came to beating the Buckeyes since 1971 was a 17-15 loss in 1994 in Evanston.

  • The number “33” was certainly magical for Northwestern on Saturday night. The victory ended a 33-year drought, the Wildcats scored 33 points and Noah Herron, who wears No. 33, carried the football 33 times, with the last carry (his 33rd)–a 1-yarder–producing the game-winning TD in overtime.
  • The game was the first Ryan Field sellout (47,130) since Northwestern’s 54-51 victory over Michigan on Nov. 4, 2000.
  • I was at that Michigan game in 2000 – it was my senior season in the marching band. My parents and grandparents were there too, for Family Weekend. I got to march the Northwestern flag in pregame (a big honor, and something usually done only by the captain). There were moments when it looked bad, when we all held hands and prayed to whatever god was listening that the next play would be good. When the game-winning field goal was scored, I was standing on a bench down on the field with a bunch of security guards who were jumping up and down and screaming more than I was. We stood on the field playing postgame with football players and fans all around us on the field, cheering and hugging and running around like crazy. It was the best football game I’d seen in my life. For that matter, it was the best football game my parents and grandparents had seen in their lives.

    Saturday’s was better.

    It was a fantastic game, well-played, fast-paced, and exciting – it’s what college football is all about. Never in all my life have I wished so hard to be somewhere other than where I was at that moment – at home on the couch, cheering with my dad so loudly that we woke one of my sisters up. But both of us know what it was like to be in that stadium after a colossal win like that, and while I was cheering, I sat there wishing with all my heart that I was on the field.

    Wow. I bet my coworkers wish I would stop babbling about it.

    Now if we could just cool it with the holding penalties (and all other offensive penalties, come to think of it), we’d be in even better shape for the coming weeks.

    Seriously, way to go, ‘Cats.

    I have more stories about the weekend coming when the football victory glow fades a bit. Probably tomorrow.

    10 Replies to “Go U”

    1. Did I tell you there's a new girl here at work who just graduated last year from NU? She's been gleeful all day. You might know her. Her name's Erin. Ring a bell?

    2. dude, there are like thousands of undergrads there, and i can't think of any erins off the top of my head, so i'm guessing i don't know her. but it's always possible.

      there is a HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS BUG on my window, by the way – i just saw it and i can't tell if it's outside or inside. holy crap.

      also, thanks. :)

    3. I can't believe she bit on the, “some girl erin, know her?” line you gave cast.

      My favorite part of the story is when the crowd held hands and said, God, or whatever, I really don't care – please let the next play be good and, like I'll believe in you or something. Maybe. -but just let it be good, okay?
      That scene is always my favorite in the movies.

      Have a good day Lorie – <a href=”http://www.fansonly.com/schools/nw/trads/multimedia/nw-gou.wav

    4. You're a giant loser, but I like the layout. :) And you never check your email. Well at least not today between 2 and 5. And if you did, you didn't respond. SO POO!

    5. my fault – here

      That should do it. I placed something where it shouldn't be in my last post. …only I didn't realize it would affect other posts.


    6. it was indeed awesome being at the game this weekend.

      i will also say, with some hesitation, that the michigan one was better. probably because of the buckeye pricks sitting around us.

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