Something’s Always Wrong


What the hell? The last time I had strep was when I was six years old.

I’ve had a sore throat for the last day or two, but I wasn’t terribly concerned about it because I’ve been a little sniffly, which can cause a sore throat, and because otherwise I felt pretty okay. I was tired, but when am I not tired? I am always tired.

But then last night I was like dag, yo, my throat is REALLY hurty. So I grabbed a flashlight and took a look in the mirror and HELLO, angry red giant tonsils.

I went to bed. I woke up forty eleven hundred times because I was dying of thirst. I dragged my ass out of bed this morning and took another look at the throat and HELLO, angrier redder gianter tonsils and scary red dots and all other kinds of scariness.

So I went to the doctor. It’s a good thing my doctor is so awesome since I see him all the time. He looked in my throat and said, “Whoa, both sides look really pissed off.” And I’m like yeah, they feel pretty pissed off, too.

He said that some random virus, RSV, and strep were all going around, and that they’d do the rapid response test for strep first and see how it came back. It came back positive, so that answers that, and here I am with my third course of antibiotics in six weeks.

This Illness-a-Go-Go thing is getting really old. We had a little chat about why in the hell I’ve been so damn sick the last several weeks, and his basic thought is that I’m “just unlucky,” which, thanks, but he also pointed out that pediatric nurses and teachers and such get these strings of illnesses because they can’t isolate themselves from germs and they can’t stay home and each virus weakens their immune system a bit so that the next one has an easier time digging in, and the cold weather and junk going around doesn’t help. This could be what’s happening to me. But he also took some blood to take a peek at my white cells and see if something funky is going on there. We also discussed some ways to boost my immune functions a bit so that I can get over this.

On the one hand, I’m almost relieved to have something that is specific and easily diagnosed, so that I can be treated right away and won’t have to wait it out. Sometimes it’s really frustrating when you don’t feel well and you go to the doctor and he’s like, “Oh, it’s just a virus, wait it out.” I’m like DUDE I WANT DRUGS DAMMIT.

At least I’m completely done with my Christmas shopping, and if the kittens don’t go apeshit on the presents in the next couple of days, they’re all wrapped and ready to deliver. Really, all I have to do this week is finish off some stuff at work and clean the house a bit before I go to Headquarters on Thursday. So I’ll have some down time to rest before the Christmas Whirlwind o’Insanity really gets going.

So, yeah. I have strep throat. If you’ve been around me in the last few days, you probably will have it soon too. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oh dood, I can’t stand that shit when doctors get apprehensive about issuing prescriptions, especially when you know exactly what it is you need. Don’t they realize that the whole point of going to them, aside from them telling you what you might already know, is for the drugs? P-chaw.

  2. Maybe you’re anemic. But if you are, the doctor probably would have figured it out.

    Iron and Zinc are good vitamins for boosting your immune system and keeping away illness.

  3. I love my doctor. “Dr. King’s office.” (No, really, but his name isn’t Martin) “I need drugs. I have a sore throat and my ears are leaking clearish fluid. My snot is yellow, and yes, I’m coughing shit up, as well.” “Okay, we’ll call you back.” 1/2 hr later… “This is Sandy.” “Your prescription is at walgreens.” No muss, no fuss. All this because he has a file as thick as my torso full of the many and varied sinus infections of one, Sandy. He knows I only need him because I’m no longer allowed to prescribe in Missouri.

  4. I had strep about six weeks ago, but I had a pretty high fever with it. The doc gave me antibiotics.

    Of course, she didn’t swab my throat but said she was 99% sure that’s what I had. Sounds like a different strand though.

    Anyway, blah, blah, to say get well and feel better SOON!

  5. Bourbon. Drink Bourbon.

    something’s gone missing from the web. I checked out for a couple of days to get work done (still behind) and, suddenly, something’s gone missing. You know anything about it?

  6. found you through vitriolic spree, so i guess i’ll be reading MORE blogs now! ha!

    love your stuff so far. nice.

    sounds like your doctor rocks. i love that he says: “looks like both sides are pissed off.” HA.

    although, i will say most people DO go into their doctors and demand antibiotics when they need to just ‘wait it out.’ too many overprescribed antibiotics are the reasons we have the megacreepygerms, people!

    also…. i’m wondering if you’d give a girl tips about moving to a normal real site and all that…. i’m wanting to do the same in this year… and i’m clueless. let me know.

    looking forward to reading more…

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