I Don’t See You When She Walks In The Room

I got my Tim Kaine bumper sticker in the mail yesterday. Awesome. It would be on the car already but we haven’t had a good rain in like four years and my car’s so dusty I’m afraid the sticker wouldn’t stick. So I’ll put it on after I wash it before we go out of town tomorrow. It better not get stolen like my Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker did, or someone’s going to bleed from where I CUT HIM.

Or her. Whichever. I don’t know which gender is statistically more likely to steal a bumper sticker from my car, but for some reason I always assumed the Kerry-Edwards sticker thief was a guy.

So, yeah. Tomorrow, after Sammi goes to class and I run some errands, we’re driving to Bristow to see Coldplay and Rilo Kiley. We have GAs for the pit directly in front of the stage, so that ought to be awesome unless there’s a 6-foot-tall dude in front of me, which may happen as that kind of stuff seems to be my destiny lately. Let’s hope it doesn’t, though.

The bad part is that we have to drive back here the same night, because Sam has to be at work at 8:00 the next morning. It’s a three-hour trip, although as often as I have to stop to pee it will probably turn out to be a four-hour trip, and it probably won’t be so bad, but I’m concerned about being tired after rocking in the pit for five hours or whatever it turns out to be.

Even if it’s tiring, though, it’s going to be a break from the rest of my week. This week has worn me down beyond belief. And next week? Next week may quite possibly turn out to be a 70-hour week. It’ll be at least 60 hours for sure. This is the price I pay for getting a week off at Christmas.

Did I tell you that I broke the power adapter for my laptop? Yeah. I have a Dell Inspiron laptop, and this particular model has a power adapter that has about two inches of weak skinny cord behind the plug before it goes through a fat thing and then gets bigger on its way to the power pack. I’ve been unkind to the weak skinny cord and allowed it to bend under the computer one time too many, and now the computer doesn’t know it’s plugged in. For a day or two, it would work on A/C power if I held the cord just so, but then even that failed. Its last gasp was on Tuesday night, when if you looked through my window (please don’t, ever) you’d have seen me sitting on the couch with the cord threaded between my toes waving my leg around in the air, because I was hoping that if I got the cord out straight behind the machine and put it in just the right position, it would work. It didn’t, and the battery died. So now I have to get a new one on eBay for like $30. Grr.

Of course, I could pay like $80 to order a new one from Dell.

I also have to replace my copy of Achtung Baby, which is equally inconvenient and annoying. It’s one of the oldest CDs I own, and I appear to have worn it out. For a while, it was just skipping on tracks like “Acrobat,” which I don’t even like anyway. But then last week it skipped on “The Fly,” and that’s just unacceptable. Of course now that I can’t play the whole song, it’s the only song I want to hear. It’s the song that’s stuck in my head all day. It’s the only song that seems right for driving. “The Fly” isn’t my favorite U2 song. It’s not even my favorite track on Achtung Baby. But now that I can’t hear it, it may as well be the only U2 song that has ever existed. Dammit. I’m going to look tonight and see if I can find it out anywhere, because I’d really like to have it for the trip tomorrow.

Of course, I could always download it on iTunes and burn it to a CD tomorrow except OH WAIT MY LAPTOP DOESN’T WORK BECAUSE THE POWER ADAPTER DIED. Besides, that won’t be acceptable in the long run, because I’m weird and anal and need to own the actual CD.

Is it weird that I feel weird about replacing a CD, especially one I’ve had for a really long time? I feel guilty throwing the bad one away.

And that’s certainly a weird and abrupt way to end a post.

9 Replies to “I Don’t See You When She Walks In The Room”

  1. I feel really guilty about throwing things away all the time. To the extent that it’s probably not quite normal. I once felt horrible because I abruptly threw away an old soap dish when I got a new one. I literally had to pull the old soap dish out of the trash can and do it in a nicer way, as a gesture to tell it “thank you for all the years of being my soap dish.”

  2. Don’t feel guilty about replacing a CD.

    I’ve had to buy 3 different copies of Bob Marley’s “Legend” because people keep swiping it from me (including the third copy), damnit. Nevermind that I have all of his songs in MP3 format.

  3. Speaking as a six foot dude who is constantly sheepish but wanting to stand RIGHT UP FRONT at general admission shows…if you get trapped behind him, ask if you could stand in front of him, of if he could move. If it were me, I would let someone do it, even if it was wilco–as long as i got to stand frontmost for the best songs

    this works doubly when you are a cute girl, tripley when you are a cute girl with glasses, so you should have no problems.

    also, this is going to be the best thing ever. i got pit seats for one of the radiohead shows me and ro went to. There’s NOTHING like seeing how Johnny Greenwood makes all of those weird sounds.

    Also: AB is one thing that keeps me from _completely_ hating U2. I am kind of shocked that you havent gotten a bonoPod yet.

    FINALLY. I understand about the CD. I’ve been in the same quandry with my copyof nevermind.

  4. Even though we’re not friends any more because you can’t come see me…

    my advice, don’t throw the old one away… just keep it there right beside the new one (says the worlds greatest pack rat)

  5. OMG are you talking about that girl-scout movie with Shelly Long?! And she has the girls wear fashionable uniforms and they do fun things and get special patches, and…

    Um, err, wait, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  6. I think you’re right, Amy. …but I couldn’t confirm whether the young girl also appeared in that movie with Ms. Long. Or, Ms. Hahn. whoever.

    Also, Bob Marely: If I may, pick up Catch a Fire and Soul Revolution if you haven’t got ’em already. Really, Legend should be something only put on at parties for people that really don’t care about him. If you don’t have those two on their own yet, pick ’em up and see if I’m not right. I’ll reimburse you if you don’t agree. (Also, the Talkin’ Blues 3-cd set is really great.)

    -and, at 6’3″ I know I’ve also tried my best to aware of those behind me. I won’t stand in back ’cause, really, I don’t want to… but I have put as many as three people in front in me, stood sideways the entire length of a show so a girl could see past me and, several times during bigger outdoor shows, had girls on my shoulders I didn’t even know. If someone tall is in front of you, just ask him if you can trade places. :o)

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