I May As Well Just Get a Damn LiveJournal

I have nothing resembling a coherent story for you today. Obviously I’ve had very little in the last few days as well. Various things are going on and I’m thinking about stuff but none of it is story-worthy on its own.

I almost got t-boned turning into my parking lot when I went home for lunch today. It was weird, because I was waiting to turn left off the main road and a woman was waiting to turn left out of the lot, and when the road cleared I started to go and so did she. I was right in front of her, and I have no idea how she didn’t see me unless she was just completely not paying attention, which I guess is possible. I stomped the brake to the floor and hit the horn and kind of maybe screamed at her, and she just sat there in the middle of the road looking at me like WTF is your problem? So that kind of sucked. Especially since someone I was acquainted with through my job was killed in a car accident last week. She was making a left turn across a highway and got broadsided. Even though my near-miss wouldn’t have been nearly so severe, I couldn’t help but think about it as I tried to calm my shaking.

In other news, Marco has evidently voted “no” on Proposition Please Wear Your Collar. I put it back on him once every few days or so, and about an hour later I find it on the floor somewhere. He doesn’t throw a fit when I put it on, but he pretty much immediately makes plans to get out of it. That’s the problem with the safety-release collars for cats – they work exactly as they’re supposed to, which means that under enough pressure, they’ll release. Abby, on the other hand, freaks out when I take her collar off for five minutes to brush her neck. She actually seems to like wearing it.

A few weeks ago, I found myself in a very serious funk and decided to make some plans and do something about it. One of the programs in Operation Get My Shit Together was to start working out regularly again. I made a schedule and planned out the workouts and I have stuck to it religiously for three weeks now, with the help of my iTunes Incentive Plan where I get to download a song every time I do a workout as scheduled. Today’s going to be a real test, though, because I’m in Menstrual Hell and I feel absolutely awful and I’m supposed to do kickboxing for 30-45 minutes tonight. This is not an attractive prospect. But if I do it, I’ll get to download “Cachete a Cachete” by Los Amigos Invisibles, which is the next song on my list and a great song with a really kickass beat.

Another program in Operation Get My Shit Together involves normalizing my sleep schedule, which is something I’ve struggled with for pretty much my whole life. I am naturally nocturnal and without a tight rein on my sleep schedule, I drift until I am staying up way too late and having trouble getting up in the morning. I’ve been working pretty hard at this and have determined that I function best on nine hours of sleep, which apparently makes me the equivalent of a newborn baby. But if I get in bed by 10:30 at night, I have no trouble getting up at 7:30 in the morning and staying up. I even did it one day this weekend. Any less than nine hours and I’m groggy.

I am snacking on Harmony Trail Mix as I write this, which always reminds me of NUMB and football games. I’m also digging on Aquafina’s Wild Berry FlavorSplash water. I think I heard about that from someone else’s blog, so if the person who wrote about it is reading now, thanks a ton! I am trying to cut back on the Vitamin Water because it’s more expensive and has more calories.

That’s it. That’s all. I’m pretty busy right now but not in a terribly interesting way.

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  1. good to hear you are working out again and getting on a regular sleep cycle. Your circadian rythms will thank you for it. And you’ll feel much better.

  2. That song sounds like something playing in the background in scene on the Lido Deck on the Love Boat.


    also, i am with you on the sleep schedule, in that, i am horrible at scheduling it. it’s outstanding when i get 7.5 hours in one evening, which is not so good, methinks.

    good luck with the good stuff!

    (and yes, you should download “good stuff” by the B-52s at some point)

  4. Word to this title. Sometimes I just don’t bother writing because I’m trying to nix the lj vibe…

    Way to be delightfully incoherent! :)

  5. Those goody bags were a godsend. Sometimes they were the only solid nutrition I got for the rest of the weekend.

  6. I’m thinking about a get my shit together list too….

    Item 1: Take out the trash with the rotten strawberries in it before the fruit flies figure out its there and so your apartment will stop smelling like ass…

  7. 10:30 p.m. to 7 a.m., or even 6:45, and I’m good. I’m glad I’m not the only one who requires between eight and nine hours.

  8. Cars should be outlawed in your town. Get everyone a segway.

    Now, I’m gonna go find a girl to help me with my circadian rhythm; never wanna risk getting called selfish and hey, I’m into new things. ;o)

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