Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow

Generally, I’m feeling a little better. I still haven’t been back to the doctor for more drugs, but I’ve been working out a lot, and that helps.

That said – I have a ferocious headache right now, so awful that I can barely focus on anything and I am quite literally counting down the minutes until I can go home and lie down with a cold cloth on my head. (Current count: 56 minutes to go.)

Yes, I’m aware that the headache and lack of drugs are probably related.

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  1. talk to me about nada surf some time. i’ve heard god things but know nothign otehr than that one song.

  2. Oh, “I feel your pain”. My sinus headaches were so debilitating I could barely think. I would go through the day like a zombie with a jackhammer in its skull. Ever since I started South Beach, I went off Claritin, though occasionally I still get mild sinus headaches.

    There were times I wanted to remove my brain to stop the pain.

    Do you have a water filter at your apartment that removes chlorine from the tapwater? If so, consider drinking at least 10 cups a day and take some to work with you.

  3. When I first went to my doctor to inquire about what I needed to do to not feel crazy anymore, she initially prescribed exercise for me. Problem was, I already worked out like 5 times a week and it wasn’t enough. She says that exercise is sometimes all people need to pull themselves out of depression. I agree, it does help me some, but not nearly enough to keep me normal.

    I’m glad to feel that you’re feeling a little better overall. Hopefully your head will start feeling better soon.

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