Coming Out-ster

Friendster, I’ve found, is useful for lots of reasons. It’s proven to be the best way to keep up with my friends from college, and my more tech-savvy friends from high school. I know some people have used it as a dating service, and have met new people that way. Over the past few weeks, though, I’ve discovered an entirely unexpected new use for Friendster.

It’s a remarkably useful way to learn which of my college friends have come out since we graduated.

This has happened twice now – once, with a guy I wasn’t expecting, and once, with a guy I was closer to and always wondered about. They’re on my friends list, and then one day I’m cruising around looking at profiles and, boom: “dating men” is an interest. Which is totally fine, but it’s weird that this keeps happening.

What’s also weird is that I found out this weekend that another of our friends has come out since graduation, which is making me start to believe that maybe all of my guy friends are gay and I never knew.

If nothing else, this certainly explains why trying to hook up with some of them was a complete failure.

7 Replies to “Coming Out-ster”

  1. i am not gay.

    also, i “knew” about one guy who fit in this category, but i want dirt on who the other ones are!

    finally! add me! on the ster de friend. or did we do that already?

  2. obvious to everyone except me, i think. he dated amy!

    but they did go to see fantasia 2000 on their date, at his request.

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