habitual, i guess

90% of the posts I compose in my head begin with some variation on the following: “The thing about ____ is ____.”

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  1. It’s like naming episodes of friends… or the class… I think all friends episodes are … The One where ______….

    and The Class are all .. The Class does ______.

    It’s quirky.

  2. For some reason that made me think of bad stand-up comedians.

    WHAT’S the deal with airline food!?

  3. It kind of reminds me of Andy Rooney (no disrespect intended). Any member of the 60 Minutes crew besides Andy: “Next up, (smirking) Andy takes on Band-Aids.” Andy: “Now I just don’t understand Band-Aids. There’s the wrapper, and the backing…” Lest you wonder if I’m actually an 80-year-old woman, 60 Minutes comes on right before The Amazing Race and you never know when either is going to start because of football. I’ve seen a lot more Andy Rooney in the past three months than I care to admit to.

  4. I know what you’re talking about Sandy! I watch those too… for the amazing race reason.. and ’cause I think it’s funny to watch old people complain about things!

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