I hate you, stupid flu-or-whatever-disease-I-have-contracted. I want to go home and get back in bed but I can’t, because of course you always hit me in the third week of February every.freakin’.year, the week when I have tons of stuff to do at work, and my birthday is coming up, and I’m usually getting ready to go out of town to a conference.

I hate you I hate you Ihateyou.

6 Replies to “Grr.”

  1. I’m going to ignore all the b-day talk for now and just insist you get better.

    get better already.

  2. Happy Birthday! All the cool kids were born in February, and you share a birthday with my husband. I certainly hope you’re feeling better by now, it would be no good at all to be sick on your birthday. Do something fun!

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