All Brown X-Shapes

Our cats are spoiled, and very picky about their food. This is all my fault, I think, because I felt guilty buying them the cheap-o stuff when they were kittens and always got a midgrade cat food, and now they’re conditioned to expect it. I think it’s not about the taste, though.

Specifically, they don’t like the cat food that’s all brown X-shapes. Every once in a while we have a cat food emergency and must feed them the all brown X-shapes, and they get seriously pissed. They’ll follow us around the house and yowl like neglected little alley cats, and if they hear anything that sounds remotely cat-food-like, they’ll come tearing in from the other room to see if we’ve come to our senses and gotten out the real food yet.

Weirdly, this one time I got them Iams because I read that it’s better for them and also makes their litter less – well, less offensive. And Iams cat food is a consistent shape and color, although not all brown X-shapes. It’s more like all brown oval shapes.

They were having NONE OF THAT, and I ended up wasting $24 on a bag of cat food they wouldn’t touch because it was all brown oval shapes.

Beyond this, they don’t appear to have too much of a preference. So I can buy pretty much any brand of cat food I want to, but I must inspect the pictures on the bag first to see if it’s a variety of shapes and colors, and then everyone thinks I’m nuts, but maybe not quite as nuts as if I devoted an entire web site post to the fact that my cats hate the all brown X-shapes.

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  1. See, i enjoy this kind of post. little mundane details are the best.

    i have made sure to never give wrigley any canned food, becuase i don’t need a dog that is going to ONLY eat his food if it is mixed.

    it is kinda of sad when i tink about how few things he has eaten in his life, though, y’know? (i don’t give him any “people food,” unless he is sick and needs rice)

  2. That picture of the cats cracks me up. It looks like they’re *pissed* about the x’s and ovals.

  3. I have an idea for an experiment. And I thought of this on the way to a Valentine’s Day dinner last night (how pathetic is that)? What would happen if you mixed (ohmygod, MIXED, this is getting crazy!) the all brown x’s with the all brown ovals? I really am curious about this…let me know if you try it. :)

  4. Of course, you could put out the Iam’s and let them be driven by their hunger to eventually consume it. We don’t let our kids refuse to eat things because they don’t like the way it looks or because it is something they’ve never had before. You could set a precedent now that they will no longer be pampered, at least when it comes to diet.

  5. awww. you fixed it!

    (i was trying to get it to display, but ah well. i do not need to take over your comments page. oh, wait.)

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