the rubik’s cubes

It has been decided.

Ginny and I will be attending the radio-sponsored Boo Bash tonight dressed as Rubik’s Cubes.

It’s less than $15 and I bet no one else will think of it. Possibly because everyone else will think it’s lame, but dammit, we don’t think it’s lame. We think “holy shit, this is genius.” It was Ginny’s idea.

I will be the “solved” one and she will be the “unsolved” one. Mainly because I’m lazy and pulled the older sister card and forced her to make the more difficult costume. I’m just putting giant pieces of poster board on my box and taping off the squares. She has to actually cut out 45 squares and mix them up.

I have this fear, though, that because I used rubber cement to attach the poster board to my box, that I’m going to get too close to a bar patron with a cigarette and I’m going to go up in flames. I hope that doesn’t happen because it would suck.

I worked on it last night while I was watching CBS and all I have left to do this afternoon is tape off my squares. Then we’re going to use bandannas and face paints to match our heads to the squares on the top of the cube. Voila. And goddammit, we’d better win something for this.

It’s the first time I’ve made a Halloween costume in years and I forgot how much fun it can be. High hilarity ensued throughout the night as I:

  • Grossly misjudged the size of my head and got the box stuck on it while trying to put it on;
  • Almost cut myself sawing through it with a steak knife;
  • Got my arm stuck in it and had to be assisted;
  • Contemplated making a cup holder in the corner of the top of the box where I could put my drink and use a bendy straw to sip throughout the night;
  • Shooed the cats out of it more than once;
  • And other hijinks!

Also, I’m getting a well-overdue haircut today. The Carol Brady mullet is in its death throes this morning. Rock on!

Wish us luck tonight – we can win stuff like a portable DVD player, drugs, a digital camera, hookers, or money. I’ll post pictures if they come out well.

Happy Halloween!

11 Replies to “the rubik’s cubes”

  1. “I'm just putting giant pieces of poster board on my box…”

    “…I used rubber cement to attach the poster board to my box.”

    Welcome to thrid grade humor.

  2. The best part is that Ginny will, essentially, be inviting geeks to manhandle her in an effort to sort her all out.

    The upside is, it should only take about a minute.

    Happy Halloweenerpumpkinpatch.

  3. this will be my last comment from the old office. just wanted it to be here. bwaaaahahahahaha. or something. awesome.

  4. When I was in fourth grade my dad made me be a Rubik's cube. They're difficult to sit down in. One year my sister and her husband were a pair of dice, which is a cool box costume as well. And in third grade, I didn't even know what a box WAS, tony.

  5. Once my mom made me a Ms. PacMan costume out of a refrigerator box. It was cool but cumbersome.

    If you said “my box” one more time I would have spit my ice tea all over my computer.

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