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  • I will make your design when i get back from church/shopping today. er..scouts honor

  • WOW… lorie’s gender confused

  • I use mnemonics; I never go into the places that say”WhOa MEN”. Of course, in Europe there’s a different mindset in some settings, such as small hotels, zimmer, affita camere, etc.

  • red faced from the men’s bathroom? Girls go into men’s bathrooms all the time. Especially in clubs. (Not in front of me, of course.) I thought that was just something girls did ’cause they could; there’s a line at the woman’s bathroom so I’ll infiltrate the men’s and, if there’s a line there, just cut in front!

    You know, it’s occured to me just now that these women, walking into a windowless room filled with men never seem to fear for their safety then – rather, it’s when a guy nods and says hello walking the opposite direction on the street that the panic starts in. …funny that. Again, it’s gotta suck.

  • I use the men’s bathrooms when out and drunk. Were you drunk at target? God, I hope so. Well, hopefully none of those people noticed. And if they did, the odds of ever seeing any of them again are pretty slim to none.

  • I’ve used the men’s bathroom, drunk and sober, millions of times completely on purpose and without a hint of shame – usually when I’m out at a bar and the women’s room is full, but on other occasions too.

    However, until Saturday afternoon, I hadn’t accidentally walked in on a stranger pissing in the urinal in the men’s bathroom at Target. Really, that’s a bit of a different experience.

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