So THAT’S Why There Was a Urinal

I have never seen more people lingering around just outside the bathrooms at Target than I did when I was racing red-faced and horrified out of the men’s bathroom tonight.

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  1. I use mnemonics; I never go into the places that say”WhOa MEN”. Of course, in Europe there’s a different mindset in some settings, such as small hotels, zimmer, affita camere, etc.

  2. red faced from the men’s bathroom? Girls go into men’s bathrooms all the time. Especially in clubs. (Not in front of me, of course.) I thought that was just something girls did ’cause they could; there’s a line at the woman’s bathroom so I’ll infiltrate the men’s and, if there’s a line there, just cut in front!

    You know, it’s occured to me just now that these women, walking into a windowless room filled with men never seem to fear for their safety then – rather, it’s when a guy nods and says hello walking the opposite direction on the street that the panic starts in. …funny that. Again, it’s gotta suck.

  3. I use the men’s bathrooms when out and drunk. Were you drunk at target? God, I hope so. Well, hopefully none of those people noticed. And if they did, the odds of ever seeing any of them again are pretty slim to none.

  4. I’ve used the men’s bathroom, drunk and sober, millions of times completely on purpose and without a hint of shame – usually when I’m out at a bar and the women’s room is full, but on other occasions too.

    However, until Saturday afternoon, I hadn’t accidentally walked in on a stranger pissing in the urinal in the men’s bathroom at Target. Really, that’s a bit of a different experience.

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