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  • Don’t worry. Bush just took a helicopter ride to survey the damage. (Apparently, they don’t get cable in Crawford.) In a few weeks, he might even formulate a plan.

  • Bush told everyone it was a big deal yesterday. On the teevee. He said, “Dis is vewy, vewy baaad and people aw vewy, vewy saaaad.”

    And then he waxed nostalgic about how much better he felt it was that he’d given all those people in Mississippi and Lousiana a tax break instead of supporting the programs working on those levees. …and then about stretching our military thin for an indeterminate amount of time using money we don’t have – he was really laughing it up over that one.

    But then he wrapped up with a visit back to his point: “Vewy, vewy baaad. Maybe too baaad.”

  • Horrible. So so horrible. Unfathomable and unacceptable and and… just so heartbreaking. All I can think of when I see those babies on TV and hear about them dying is “No Child Left Behind.” Unless they’re black, or poor, and holy god above help them if they’re both.

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