yep, it’s true

I’m in a relationship. It’s on Facebook now, so that means it’s official.

Seth is super cool, and I’m not just saying that because he’s reading the site now. We met on a certain dating website that is full of kooky crazypants, with one or two relatively normal humans thrown in. I’m somewhere in the middle of the normal-kookycrazypants spectrum, and so is he, so we hit it off pretty well. He’s my partner in karaoke crime, my anime advisor, my fellow gas station energy shot connoisseur, and many other things besides. Plus, tormenting my cats is so much more fun now that he’s helping, and once upon a time he let me know that I’ve been saying Neil Gaiman’s name wrong for YEARS. If you’d like to know one of the many dozens of reasons I think he’s the bees knees, feel free to read the comments below the last post. Warning: you may barf from the unbearable new coupleness of it all.

I, however, am only on the verge of barfing because I am so full of good life things that I hardly know where to fit them all. If the rest of the year looks anything like the beginning has so far, I’m in for a really terrific time.

In other news, I’m almost certainly at the back of the pack on the weight loss challenge after a week that included a cold, no visits to the gym, and tons of food including one night where I ate dinner twice. I’ll weigh in after weighing in tomorrow.

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  1. Truth is the light escaping a multifaceted gem. The light is no illusion but it is being warped by facets you see and facets you don’t. As much as the gem doesn’t light itself neither is the illumination false or deceptive but rather it shines in some parts and leaves overcast other portions which may be of just as much interest.

    But I tell you this, if it’s on Facebook it is a truth like no other. The Facebook truth is a truth stronger than the convictions of Martin Luther when he posted his revolution on the Catholic church doors. This truth is a truth so far beyond the Republican truth that it may as well exist in its own galaxy and get its own word. Since I am no cunning linguist, I will only endeavor to put the strength of my conviction across in text so that you realize the absolute indisputable quality of Facebook information, most specifically in regards to the “in a relationship with” portion of the info section.

    Lorie, being sweet, has managed to sugarcoat the whole thing, casting light upon the romance while failing to balance the story with details of my conquest to take over the entire globe. I drink blood, sacrifice critters to not only full moons but new moons and waxing and waning ones as well – I don’t need much excuse really. I turn into a wolf at sundown, poison rainforests, and recruit lumberjacks illustrating how with new technology there is no reason a single tree should survive this year. Satan won’t buy my soul because he sold his to me awhile ago in exchange for a few lessons on how to be so evil. But Lorie prefers to see the best in me and will probably continue to overlook my glowing red eyes, revelry in pestilence and absolute deviousness in favor of my skill with the light plastic Guitar Hero ax and my smooth DDR moves. And if that’s the way the light dazzles her eye, who am I to illuminate the rest of the facets. After all the light she sees is true. It’s got to be true. It’s on Facebook.

  2. I have to say that he might give you a run for your money in terms of posts that are interestingly written.

    You deserve this happiness and now if only some people will hit me up, but i did venture out to a bar with friends and multiple beers, shots of rum, and jager bombs latter i stumbled home content…

  3. As far as the weight loss challenge is concerned…I have the secret.

    I lost 4lbs on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Diet. Inquire with my HR people and I might let you in on the secret.

  4. That lost comment was from Sammi, I forgot I had to put my name in because I’m old and don’t know how to use a computer.

  5. I’m so jealous! Also, will you email me and tell me what site this was? I think I might know, but I’m not sure, and I’m curious.

  6. I am so full of good life things that I hardly know where to fit them all

    Ah, the blossoming of new love. The nectar of the gods, the essence of joy, the dawn of a new…

    Happy to hear that you are in a meaningful relationship. You have the unbridled capacity for mirth and merriment, and yet the emotional stamina for steadfastness and a stalwart heart.

    I drink blood, sacrifice critters to not only full moons but new moons and waxing and waning ones as well – I don’t need much excuse really. I turn into a wolf at sundown, poison rainforests,….

    A sense of humor or a troubled mind? I’ll assume humour, as Lorie is by now a thoughtful judge of character.

    Don’t be bashful now that you are ensconced in love’s bathing rays.

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