I have been practicing vinyasa yoga for most of the summer and I love it. It and So You Think You Can Dance are the only two things I’m ever looking forward to in a typical week these days, and yoga’s a lot better for me. I always think about skipping class, and then I remind myself of how good I feel when it’s over and I force myself to go. Sammi usually comes along too. It is a benefit being offered to our staff for the summer, so many of my coworkers also attend. This means we are obsessed with yoga now and spend a ridiculous amount of time discussing it in the office.

Our instructor is awesome, and has a wonderful habit of sneaking harder and harder stuff into our classes each week. I’ll be standing there on one toe with my other leg wrapped around my head twice and both arms turned inside out, struggling like crazy, and then she’ll casually mention that the pose we’re doing now is pretty advanced and we all feel awesome for having accomplished some form of it. It is infinitely more challenging than other yoga classes I’ve taken in the past, and that’s a really good thing. Pretty much everything in my life right now feels chaotic and out of balance and sucky and uncontrollable, but if I focus on that when I’m trying to do downward dog on one arm and one leg, I will fall and break my face. I have to concentrate, to focus on something very specific. So it’s good, even though the class kicks my ass sometimes. It kicks it in a good way.

So in last Thursday’s class, we were doing some crazy twisty stuff and I noticed after I got home that a ligament in my knee area was feeling kind of tweaky. I took some ibuprofen and went to bed. The next day, I had a work retreat that required us all to pile into a 16-passenger van and ride somewhere off campus. When we got to our destination, I said I’d wait to get out of the van last, because I had this crate to carry and I’d tweaked my knee a little and so the last thing I needed was to fall out of the van.

Guess what happened?

Luckily, I didn’t fall too hard, and though my knee was very sore all day Friday, it was okay by the end of the weekend.

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  1. I so want to judge you for watching “So you think you can dance,” but then I remember I used to watch Flavor of Love and then put the stone down instead of casting it.

    I am glad your knee is less sore.

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