So, my sinuses and both of my ears are infected. Which would explain why I’ve been feeling crappy for, like, two weeks now. After missing work Tuesday and yesterday I finally went to the doctor yesterday and got hooked up with a two-week antibiotic course. And then I went to CVS and got some Mucinex, the super effective but majorly grossly-named superhero decongestant/expectorant. Seriously, there’s 120mg of pseudoephedrine in a single dose. Compare that to 20mg in a single dose of regular Sudafed. You could drive a truck through my nose right now, but my head and ears are still feeling icky and heavy and pressure-y. Mucinex is magic but the pills are enormous and taste horrible and all I can think about when I’m trying to choke them down is the anthropomorphic snot family living in my head and behind my ears.

If my mother is reading this, she just threw up.

All the women at work are clucking their tongues about how this was bound to happen eventually, the way I’ve been running myself ragged, and I suppose they’re right. It makes me wonder how long I’ve really had an infection since I’ve been chalking up most of my odd somatic complaints to stress these days.

Um…when I was dragging my dizzy ass through the grocery store yesterday, an old man rammed his cart into me from behind in the checkout line and didn’t apologize. That’s about the most interesting thing that has happened this week. I went in the afternoon because the cats were completely out of food and I didn’t want them to eat my face, and so since it was daytime the store was chock full of slow old people, mainly bitchy old ladies. One of them was nice and called me honey though. I tried to get her to come back to my house and make me tea and let me whine, but she didn’t seem to want to go for some reason. I don’t know what that was about.

My Nanie turns 80 on Tuesday of next week, and the whole family is getting together for Chinese and celebratory stuff this weekend. Yay for Nanie.

I totally just did a public records search to confirm her age because I had a brief second of thinking 80 was not right. I am a dork. And that’s basically all I have for you tonight.

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  1. I think the public records search is not because you’re a dork but because it’s now second nature via work…

    my step-mom has sinus issues and told me about this little do-hicky that works wonders. I will search it out at home and send you the name so you can go buy it. basically its a squeeze bottle that you fill with distilled water and you squirt it up your nose until it comes out the other side and then you switch and keep it up till you finish the bottle (best to do it when you dont have to leave the house because you will be running for a while) gross i know but it feels so much better afterwards…

  2. boy howdy it looks like a blog around here now.

    not that that’s a bad thing!

    hope the ick is now passing. i wish i was there to encourage you to slow the eff down.

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