so this is the new year

It’s amazing what a few days away from home can do for you.

A few weeks ago, some friends and I were discussing what a crap month January was turning out to be, and I mentioned that for the last few years I’ve always been more productive in February than in January. We decided we’d go ahead and make February 1st be our new New Year’s Day and we’d start over then. The only problem was that February 1st and 2nd rolled around and I was out of my mind with stress, as you may have noticed. I worried that I might be in for a very bad year indeed if the rest of February looked anything like the first two days.

And then I went to Nashville.

I really think it’s amazing what a change of scenery and people can do. It felt like I finally began breathing again after holding my breath for weeks and weeks. Nashville’s a fun city, and the conference was good, but most of all, I got to eat some great food and spend time with people whose company I really enjoy. I don’t go to work to make friends, but sometimes that’s a nice side benefit, and I’m learning that I have some great ones around me.

Everything in my life has not suddenly become perfect. I still have some things I’m dealing with and some things that worry me, but I guess the difference is that today I feel like I can manage them all. And for me, that’s one of the best feelings ever.

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  1. I think a better title to this entry would be… “This must be it, welcome to the New Year” because it’s the opening line of “Together We’ll Ring in the New Year” by Motion City Soundtrack.

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