Plus One

I was in the bookstore a little while ago and ran into a former student of mine. This kid has a seriously loud mouth, and as he headed out of the store he turned back and asked me (I was at the register) where I was being sent for training on the new job.

I told him they were sending me to a conference in Las Vegas in March.

“VEGAS?” he repeated. “Are you sure you don’t need to take a student assistant along? Because I’d be happy to help out and take notes for you or whatever.”

I laughed and told him I was pretty sure I could manage without him, but I appreciated the offer.

And then one of the bookstore employees asked me if I wouldn’t rather have a “grandmotherly assistant type” go along, because she’d be happy to help me out.

There are a lot of temps in the bookstore right now since it’s the beginning of the semester and most of them don’t know me, so they were asking questions about where I work and what I do and where else I’d gotten to travel. During that time I had about three more people volunteer to “assist” me. And then I wrapped up my transaction and headed out of the store.

As I went to exit the building, the guy in front of me held the door for me, and as I thanked him, he said, “No problem. Have a great time in Vegas!”

And I laughed and said I imagined everyone in the building knew I was going now, and he was like, “Yeah, and we’re all jealous. So, you know, if you change your mind about the student assistant….”

Maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty funny.

4 Replies to “Plus One”

  1. Um, I believe I already claimed any free seats on this trip, and you would do well to remember that. I am the lucky one.

  2. student?

    also, please promise me that you won’t get any “what happens in vegas stays in vegas”memorabilia.

  3. Please promise me that you WILL get a “what happens in vegas stays in vegas” t-shirt for me…. Or something equally cheesy, like a “my sister hooked up with random strangers and got an STI (cause they’re not STD’s anymore) in vegas and all I got was this stupid t-shirt” t-shirt.

    You know how i do with the t-shirts

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