All Over You – All Over Me

I’ve been terribly out of sorts lately. I’m bored. I’m boring. Everything is boring and it bores me. I want to learn to snowboard and to embroider. I think I’m going to order stuff from Sublime Stitching and make clever little pillowcases and t-shirts with little monkeys on them or whatever. I was thinking about going up to Massanutten one weekend to do the snowboarding school thing.

My hair’s getting really long. I need a trim. I was hating it and thinking about chopping it all off until I discovered Dove Straight & Soft Sleek Styling Cream. Now I love it most days, because it really is sleek and soft, but I’m kind of overwhelmed by how dark and heavy it is. Ever since I stopped dying it a few years ago, it’s grown in darker and darker until I think I could comfortably call myself a brunette these days. I need Jonathan to put a few more layers in on my next trim, and I think I’m going to ask him to put a few highlights in to brighten it up a bit. I’m also considering those swoopy bangs now that everyone else is over them, but we’ll see.

When Dove introduced its hair care line, it originally didn’t have a conditioner for normal hair. I tried the Intense Moisture stuff and the Extra Volume stuff and it was too heavy and too light, respectively, and I’m anal and it’s really important to me that my shampoo and conditioner be the same brand, so I quit Dove for a while and used L’Oreal Fresh Vive. But then, wonder of all wonders, Dove started making Beautiful Care Conditioner (for normal hair) to go with the normal hair shampoo. The only problem is that it’s really hard to find right now – it’s only at CVS, as far as I know. Luckily, I live six inches from a CVS, so I’m good. And now I’m totally loyal to Dove hair care products. And deodorant. And I’m liking the hand cream, too. Someone at Dove deserves a serious raise.

I’m listening to The Clash and The Killers and Death Cab for Cutie and Nada Surf and Fiona Apple and Sigur Ros, but most of all I’m listening to Radiohead. I’m in a serious Radiohead revitalization phase. I also keep getting “Carparts” by The Long Winters stuck in my head. That’s a really great song and you can download it free on their web site, along with a few other mp3s.

I had this horrible attack manicure just before Christmas that I kept meaning to write about, but by the time I sat down to write a post about it, I discovered that the story was kind of boring. Let’s just say that I went in for just a plain old ten dollar file-and-paint-my-nails manicure and after having a fake nail forcibly applied and being yelled at and possibly made fun of in Korean, I left with destroyed fingernails. She took some giant metal drill thing and drilled all of my fingernails with it, and it’s nearly a month later now and the top half of my nails is still bumpy and discolored and damaged, while the bottom half growing in is healthy and normal. It looks weird but I don’t want to paint them because I generally hate that, and I’m certainly not getting another manicure anytime soon.

Abby the cat won’t stop sneezing shit all over my house and it’s really gross, but the vet won’t give me more antibiotics for it and wants me to wait it out until she and Marco come in for shots on the 31st. She’s also stuffed up all the time and not gaining weight as fast as Marco is and I tend to get all paranoid and freaked out about it, especially since we lost another of her littermates on the day after Christmas. He’d been sneezing and skinny for a long time and all of a sudden took a turn for the worse and died. Her energy and appetite are really good, though, so maybe I should chill. I was advised to get baby saline nasal spray and use that on her to help clear her head up, but she HATES IT and I don’t blame her. I found out quite by accident, though, that the easiest way to get her so I can spray it up her little nose is to put her in the downstairs bathroom sink. She likes to get in it on her own anyway and it’s really deep and slick, so if I put her in it she can’t get any traction to run away. So every night when I get home from work I put her in the bathroom sink and shoot saline up her nose. Fun.

I’m going to get living room furniture or a mattress and box spring with my tax refund, but I can’t decide which and it’s not likely to be both. I finally got my W-2s today so I’m all excited about it.

Last night I was sitting on the couch using my laptop when someone knocked at my front door. Sure it was the pizza stalker, I did what any normal, reasonable person would do – I froze. I sat there on the couch and didn’t move a muscle. I checked the clock and it was 7:05 and I decided that I had to stay exactly where I was until 7:15 and then I could get up and move around. But when 7:15 came I was still too scared, and I was convinced that every little noise I heard was the pizza stalker finding a way to break the lock on the back gate. I was still sitting on the couch in the same exact place at 7:25 and I had to pee and I was starting to feel kind of silly. It could have been one of my neighbors or UPS or something. I called my parents and let them talk me out of being a nutjob and kept them on the phone while I went to check the door. Nothing there.

I’m a silly, silly girl.

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  1. Nothing a little weapons training at your local martial arts practitioner won’t solve. In the meantime,. keep a bat by the door, and have the attitude “I will totally break your bones” if someone fishy is prowling about. Boil it down to the three Bs;
    Bat in hand, Bonk ’em like babe ruth, and kick their Butt down the sidewalk afterward.

    Just look first, or your mail delivery and visits from friends will become erratic.

  2. since you have to sleep every day, i vote getting the new bed.

    also, do cats get parvo? shit is NASTY. i had a friend who almost lost his two dogs to it when he first got them as pups.

    i am really excited whenever anyone is REALLY EXCITED about radiohead. you know those photos you have of coldplay? i was that close to radiohead once (maybe closer–in the pit, first row of people, right in front of johnny), and i will never forget being able to see how the hell they make that glorious racket. i could talk to you about them for hours.

    and my favorite is Kid A, which makes many fans cringe.

    and finally, hell yeah sublime stitching. you hipster you.

  3. I’m so glad you’ve found Sublime Stiching. Well, sort of. I like to think that i’m the only one who knows about SS, but it’s such a great thing i’m happy you are spreading the word. Once you start stitchin’, there ain’t no quittin’. Enjoy! And post pictures of your embroideries!

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