Crazy Cat Lady – It Begins

I’m so glad I got a raise last month so that I could spend it all on vet visits this month. Abby and Marco have an appointment this afternoon so he can check out this little cold they’ve picked up somewhere. Seriously, if I wanted to be wiping snotty noses all day long, I’d have had babies. At least when babies get bigger you can make them clean shit up around the house, so it’s kind of payback for all the snotty nose-wiping and face-sneezing and poop cleaning you have to put up with. With the kittens, my payback for wiping their snotty little noses is that they stick their butts in my face to show me how much they love me. THANKS SO MUCH.

At least they don’t seem to mind going to the vet. I think they actually liked it last time, because there were people to pet them! and things to smell! and tables to jump off! They thought wormer tasted awesome. They tried to get cuddles while they were having their temperatures taken, like, hell-O, you aren’t supposed to enjoy that, alien cats. They weren’t down with getting shots, but they didn’t hiss or scratch or bite, they just kind of whined a little about it. They don’t even bitch too much when they have to get in the carrier – usually they just settle down and take a nap. All good.

Seriously, though, it’s fun having them at home. They’re both developing really distinct personalities, which is pretty cool to see. Abby’s little, outgoing, and a total love bug, which is cute and annoying at the same time. She wants to be so close to me that she’ll get two inches from my face and headbutt me at three in the morning, or she’ll try to crawl into my armpit while I’m watching TV or something. Marco, on the other hand, is going to be a very big boy, and he’s a little shy and independent, so he’ll go off exploring somewhere and get lost or stuck in something, which is how he came to be called Marco in the first place. The other night he crawled behind the DVD player and fell off the back of the TV stand, and since he’s getting too big to pick up with one hand, we had some fun times trying to fish him out of there without dismantling the entire entertainment system. He isn’t as aggressively friendly as Abby is, and would rather just come and curl up next to me once in a while, which is fine and sometimes easier to deal with.

This whole sneezing everywhere thing has got to go, though.

8 Replies to “Crazy Cat Lady – It Begins”

  1. i want to speak for everyone by saying that i am really excited to have you updated regularly again.

    this entry makes me want cats, though i can’t, since i am crazy whack allergic. maybe just another hound some day. :-)

  2. no, she means the bird flu departed my body. that’s what the family decided i had – bird flu.

  3. also, i hope will read far enough down to see the phrase “varmint gun.”

    i may have a band name now for my as-yet unformed band.

    also, i am going to korea in three weeks–here’s hoping i don’t ACTUALLY get bird flu!

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