I Got a Rock

I was really bummed out that The Office won’t be on tonight, because there’s an extra-big episode of stupid The Biggest Loser on that bumps everything later and knocks my happy little secret off the schedule tonight. Seriously, I said this months ago, but if you aren’t watching The Office, you should be. I love it, and I’m sad that it won’t be on tonight.

But! While confirming the schedule change on NBC tonight, I learned that my favorite Halloween cartoon ever will be airing on ABC at 8:00 Eastern time. This means that I’ll spend that half-hour settled in front of the TV with a mug of hot apple cider, feeling superhappy. And I haven’t been feeling superhappy for the last day or so (including at present), so it’s something I can look forward to for this evening.

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  1. The Office is really funny, but if you watch to many episodes at once you start to feel really sorry for the boss guy and it’s not so funny anymore.

    Also, when I saw that the Charlie Brown Halloween show is coming on tonight I was rediculously happy.

  2. Mmm. Hot apple cider sounds really good right about now. I just may pick some up on the way home tonight. :)

    Here’s to feeling nice and warm and super happy!

  3. lorie, you like everything about the autumn that i like.

    someoctoberday we need to both be unemployed and just drive around the country enjoying it. sound good?

    p.s. if i visit DC, would i be close enough to you to somehow either visit you or have you visit me? keep in mind that i am quite transit-friendly (as well as kinda cute!).

  4. Damn!!! I can’t get ABC… maybe I’ll just go buy Charlie Brown instead… and some apple cider.. and it’ll be like we’re looking at the same moon…. I need a friend

  5. I so love Jim. Jim is my boyfriend. And I love Dwight with his “QUESTION:…” And I love Michael Scott running from the burning building on the security monitor. I just love “The Office,” period. I am so lame.

  6. Actually Lorie, Tim, the original Jim character from the much funnier BBC version of The Office should be your boyfriend. He was the “me” character when we used to watch that show.

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