Oh No I Said Too Much

I’ve just discovered the hilarious magic of putting notes on my Flickr shots and now I am obsessed.

Also, I have just about nothing to write about today. I was going to write a post called “Things About the Online World That Bug Me,” and I could only come up with two things, even though I know there are like hundreds of other things that bug me. So, here’s what exists of that failed post:

  1. The phrase “you owe me a new keyboard.”
  2. Romance stories about meeting your chat room lovah for the first time in person. They are all almost exactly alike, and also? Lame!

Yes, I’ve read things in the past couple of days that set me along this particular path of annoyance.

I stayed home from work with a migraine yesterday. That sucked. I used to get them frequently when I was about 12 or so. They say it can be a quirk of puberty, and it may have been in my case, because I got them all the time and then they completely stopped for several years. About two years ago, I started to get them again, although they are rare. This is the first one I can remember in months, maybe a year. I usually experience what they call “aura,” which basically describes certain vision changes. Most often I get the blind spots, and when I was a kid, this freaked me the hell out. Yesterday morning, though, it just kind of confused me, until I remembered that this has happened before.

So yeah, I originally intended to stay in bed for a few hours and see if it eased up, and then I’d go in to work yesterday afternoon. But when I woke up, I felt okay until I sat up, and then I started to have major light/sound issues, so I scrounged around and found some Axert and took it and went back to sleep. All told, I probably slept for 8-10 hours yesterday, which screwed up my nighttime sleep. But it was okay, because the pain tends to be so severe that I try to sleep it off.

I feel a little woozy and messed up today, though. And I want some ice cream, which is random.

5 Replies to “Oh No I Said Too Much”

  1. ice cream: always good.

    i wish i was actually going to be able to do that long long road trip on the way to portland. it is looking not feasible though. perhaps later when i can plan it better.

    also! its nice to know you are still reading my livejournal. i’ll get to you later.

  2. I had a brief bout with migraines when I worked in an airtight enclosed office space. Immitrex worked miracles for me then, though I found that I had an exaggerated sense of drama about everyday things. Might make for interesting diary entries…

    Since then, I’ve experienced numerous sinus headaches, but they are now few and far between. I might note that I went off Claritan after I started SB and haven’t had but 2 or 3 sinus headaches (I used to get them once or twice a week) in the last 8 months. Don’t know if correlation invariably implies causation in this instance.

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